Saturday, January 16, 2010

"You and Me on a Comeback" Benefit

Hello Folks...

I've been pretty busy this past week. Our 9th grade basketball team had games on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this past week. It felt like we were following the NBA schedule!

We have a catcher on our local Atlantic league (Independent) baseball team who is in remission from leukemia. His name is Jed Morris and his illness did slow him down for awhile and caused his early departure from the minor leagues.

Jed is now on the rebound from his ordeal from this horrible disease and was able to play catcher once again this past summer on the Lancaster (Pa.) Barnstormers team.

My wife and I volunteered to help at a benefit Bowl-a-Rama known as "You and Me on a Comeback". It was a "Fan-tastic" day of bowling at our local bowling alley.

There were several hundred folks bowling throughout the day. The entire event culminated in a bowling competition for this charity between 5 members of the York (Pa) Revolution and the Lancaster Barnstormers.

I took plenty of pics and would like to share them here with you.

My wife and Jed Morris at the sign-in table.

Barnstomers' mascot, Cylo, greets young boy.


The kids were dancing away with Lancaster Barnstormers' mascot, Cylo! Cylo is a big furry bovine-like character who adds a lot of fun and entertainment at each home baseball game was named this due to the fact that we are in the middle of the richest and fertile Susquehanna River basin.

The Competition - The York Revolution


Tommy Herr (St. Louis Cardinals -World Series Championship ring, Phillies, and Barnstormer's manager), 2nd Baseman, Jed Morris (#37), and Aaron Herr (3rd baseman for the Lancaster Barnstormer team).


Jed Morris and dad prior to the day's event starting.


Bryan Sabetella played first base for the Lancaster Barnstormers, but moved back into another independent league (Level AAA) and played for Shreveport-Bossier in the 2009 season.