Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winco Custom Lures -Cold Water Smallies Delight

Hello Folks,

Over the past several years, I have befriended Al Winco from "Winco's Custom Lures" This past summer and fall, Al and I have been working closely together to bring you a short-armed 1/2 oz. and 3/8th oz. spinnerbait called the Bronze Bushwhacker. Al has already started to produce and sell some of these extraordinary spinnerbaits although they may not show on his website just yet. If you watch the pics on his home page, you'll see these spinnerbaits show in several pics with me during our testing period. The results are evident.

Another lure that Al has designed is the Cold Water Smallie Delight or CWSD. This is a lure that I had great success on in late fall on the Susquehanna River from The Juniata River confluence to Long Level (Lake Clarke). I added it to my arsenal about two seasons ago, but only gave it ample time this season.

DRY finds success also with the CWSD just below Sunbury, Pa. So, as you can see, the CWSD can be used on the entire main stem of the Susquehanna River with success.

I like the flutter head jig over the football head jig in the sections of the river I fish. The football head gets hung way too easy in the bottom structure that we fish.


Here is a pic of a nice 19.25" that was caught in about 12' of water in late November, 2009 on the CW Smallie Delight.


This lure was also mentioned by Blaine in a recent Bassmaster Magazine article on fishing cold water.

If you are interested in Al's custom lures, please stop by and visit his website at: