Monday, October 27, 2014

Josh's First Sketch of His OB Rock Proof Boat - 10/26/14

Hello Folks,

Josh recently sent me his first sketch of the OB Rock Proof Boat that he is designing from scratch. His first task is to take Brent Kaufman's boat sketches and start adding or "customizing" the building of his very own OB Rock Proof Boat.

The boat will be an 1860 or 18' long by 60" bottom. The boat's dimensions allows Josh to add certain size lockers, but it also limits him in certain things, like the depth of his rod lockers.

Below is Josh's first sketch with locker positions...

 photo fdf6fbb9-1555-4cfc-bbe6-272c95ef732e_zps60c7074a.jpg

As time proceeds, Josh will continue to "customized" the OB Rock Proof Boat by adding different accessories. For example, we had been talking about adding his front running lights to the front console and also adding a grab bar. He may also add grab bars to the gunwale of the boat. Brent can also add grab bars on the hull towards the bow to allow Josh to move the entire boat around without too much bother... Cool idea that makes life of owning a jet rig a bit easier.

I will continue to share sketches as Josh provides them to us. The main goal is to have his "customozed" OB Rock Proof Boat finished sometime this coming Spring 2015.

So keep on watching!

Take Care and Be Safe!