Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Official, Josh Kreider is Buying a "Rock Proof OB Boat"... 10/24/14

Hello Folks,

It's been fourteen days since my last blog entry and a lot has happen since then... Except fishing! I now have a hearing aid in my left ear so that I can hear all the "S", "TH", and "F"s... I think that covers every swear word in the English language. You can no longer get away with swearing at me without me hearing it... LOL!

We finally had a good rainfall and the Susquehanna River has risen to over 4'. However, my G3 1860  DLX jet rig is sitting up at Lakeside Marine getting the oil changed, water separator filter changed, and having the trailer gone over with a fine-tooth comb to be sure all is well. The trailer and hull are both twelve years old and I wanted Lakeside Marine to make sure it's all safe for me to travel the highways with. The last thing I want is for something to happen while "trailering" the rig to and from the river.

I did get out with Josh in my last report, but it has been over two weeks since I've fished the river for that "Oktoberfest" bite... and I'm going crazy waiting to get back out!

This past week, Josh Kreider gave me a call and said that he was considering buying a new jet rig with UHMW (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) poly bottom... Oh, boy! I was excited for him and we had a good talk about the boat in general and the power plant he was planning to put on it.

Josh had been in touch with Brent Kaufman from "Rock Proof Boats". He got a basic OB model spec'd out and Brent suggested that he should at least go with the 115/80 jet motor to push the boat... Good deal!

After talking with Josh, I believe that he had been thinking of using Lakeside Marine for his Yamaha F115/80. I had been up to drop my boat off and got a moment to talk with JC Nuss regarding the new JB 115/80... What a monster! Not only is it lighter, but it has more cc and a better hole shot.

Josh asked me to take a ride with him up to Lakeside Marine yesterday to see what JC would give him for a trade-in for his 2006 G3 1860 CCJ and what a new JB 115/80 would run... After getting all the figures written down, we took a ride to "Rock Proof Boats" to see an OB jet rig that Brent was currently building.

As Brent mentioned in our visit, what you will be seeing is someone else's custom designed boat and not Josh's at this point. However, it will be quite similar in length and is also is an outboard jet model... Check out this pic!

 photo a5768be1-3263-4973-9ab2-16aeee0d1249_zps16167003.jpg

Here is a picture of Brent with Josh standing beside one of his most popular model IB JETT... To their left is a boat in production... Pretty Cool Looking.

 photo 14e5b179-530a-467a-b445-af5594cbb5ef_zpsfe7356fc.jpg

The final picture I took was of Brent's dad's IB boat with the 200 Hp Merc Sport Jet... He had a desert sand interior with a green exterior... Everything metal on dad's boat was made and welded by Brent. The pic shows Josh examining the size of one of the lockers that dad had built into his custom boat.

 photo 8c2518a3-4545-47ab-ae5b-15cc95a9c3af_zpsd734655c.jpg

It is now Josh's time to "create" a custom Rock Proof Boat within his budget. The JB 115/80 Yamaha motor will be coming from and serviced by Lakeside Marine with the help of JC Nuss and the boat will be a "Rock Proof OB model" with a Yamaha JB115/80 power plant... Cool Beans!

This coming winter should be pretty much fun watching and following Josh's custom boat build as Brent puts it all together for him... I hope that you all enjoy following as "Fishing With Dad" stays in touch with Josh and Brent through the building process.

Take Care and Be Safe