Thursday, June 5, 2014

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle Seminar - Kurt Dove, Bassmaster Elite Pro (06/04/14)

 Hello Folks,

On Wednesday evening, June 4, 2014, The "Susquehanna Fishing Tackle" held another Bassmaster Elite Pro Series Seminar with guest speaker and Bassmaster Elite Pro, Kurt Dove. Kurt grew up fishing the Potomac River during his childhood with his father and friends. His wife was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Kurt had spent the day fishing on the Delaware River out of Philadelphia, Pa, in preparation for the next Bassmaster Elite Pro Tournament before arriving last evening in Mountville, Pa. for the seminar.

Bassmaster Elite Pro - Kurt Dove

When Kurt was a youngerster, he enjoyed and became proficient at flipping and pitching frogs and jigs in and around hydrilla grass beds on the Potomac... from Washigton, D.C. south. But when he and his wife made the family decision to go after his dream of being a bass pro angler, they picked up and moved to the Lake Amestad, Texas area ...

"Amistad Reservoir is a reservoir on the Rio Grande at its confluence with the Devils River 12 miles northwest of Del Rio, Texas, USA."... Wikpedia

During last night's seminar, Kurt discussed his filpping techniques, gear, and tackle. He also discussed the use of swim baits on the Bassmaster Elite circuit. He was very informative in his approach to the SFT seminar audience,

Mike Acord (SFT) introducing Kurt Dove, Bassmaster Elite Pro 
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Kurt Dove, Bassmaster Elite Pro and Seminar Presenter
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SFT has once again provided a fantastic seminar and Pro Angler speaker. They provided a variety of refreshments for all those anglers who made the effort to show up for this mid-week seminar.

A very big thank you to our friends, Mike and George Acord, and "Susquehanna Fishing Tackle" staff for bringing quality programming to all anglers here in the Lancaster, Pa. area. It was good timing since the Bassmaster Elite Series is coming soon to the Philadelphia area and our very own "Restricted Bass Season" will reopen on June 14, 2014 (9 days away!).

Take Care and Be Safe,