Tuesday, November 19, 2013

December 3rd is Quickly Approaching! (11/19/13)

Hello Folks,

Long time, No Blogging!... Well, it seems like a long time since my last fishing adventure on the Susquehanna River or anywhere else, as a matter of fact. The river has been running quite low (3.5') and the Pennsylvania weather has turned rather cold over the past few weeks. It's much colder than normal here in South Central Pennsylvania. Those who were willing to brave the cold and winds have found plenty of good numbers and sized fish, especially in the "Community Hole" at Fort Hunter. Many 19" fish have been caught and even a few 20" citation bass have been landed over the past month.

My good buddy, Jeff B. (CHRGD) has taken his inboard Tracker Jet to the Harrisburg (Pa) Bass Pro Shop to have some much needed body work done. These past few years have been rough on the ole' gal and she needed some repair work. I know that Jeff and I wanted to get back out on the water before December 3rd, but unless the water levels in the river and on Lake Aldred improve, we may not be able to get back on the water before my back surgery.

On December 3, 2013, I will be entering the Lancaster Regional Hospital for spinal fusion of my L5(L6)/S1. Yes, I actually have an additional vertebrae in my lower back (Only 5% of the general population have this anomaly), but the surgeons still identify it as the L5/S1 fusion. I also have a major bone spur attached this additional vertebrae that is rubbing on my pelvic bone (bone-on-bone). This bone spur will also be removed during my December 3rd surgery.

In my last blog entry, I mentioned my skin cancer (Basil Cell Carcinoma). A week later, my wife was also identified with Basil Cell Carcinoma near her side of her nose and squamous cell carcinoma on her left cheek. The Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a second level cancer as compared to the lesser skin cancer, Basil Cell Carcinoma.

Julie went through the same medical procedure by the dermatologist as I did to remove both cancerous areas... Three scrapings and three cauterizations. We both still have our scabs that are covering the healing wounds... "Ouch!"

Over the past month, my inner thigh on my left leg has been bothering me. I assumed the pain was developing from my strange walk and pronounced limping. I waited to call my orthopedic surgeon knowing that he would only make me wait a bit longer if I would have called him too early.

My first contact with the orthopedic office was yesterday, Monday, November 18. The appointment clerk said there would be no appointments available until December 10... 22 days later! That was unacceptable. So, my wife left a message for the orthopedic doctor's nurse... Who never returned our call!

Luckily, my wife spoke to my knee surgeon's nurse upon her third attempt to speak to a human. This nurse understood the amount of surgery I've gone through and said she would speak with the physician and see if I could get me in for at least an x-ray. At first, I thought maybe a cortisone shot would help, but she explained to us that I am not able to get a cortisone shot so near my spinal surgery... Great!

We got a return call this morning. The nurse had arranged an appointment for me for next Wednesday (November 27). I will be seeing one of two hip replacement specialist to determine if I need a hip revision to my replaced left hip... "Say what!? Not more surgery"... *sigh*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the orthopedic surgeon does not see a need. Knowing my luck, I may as well start mentally preparing myself for the next surgical procedure after my spinal fusion. UGH!

I hope this blog entry finds all my faithful followers in good health and spirit. Don't give up on Dear Ole' Dad. I am a survivor and this is only another bump in the road.

Take Care and Be Safe!