Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Diagnosis to Add to My Long List... (10/30/13)

Hello Folks,

This past week, I had my yearly check-up appointment with my dermatologist, Dr. John Legere. Approximately 15 years ago, my oldest brother was diagnosed with melanoma and I have chosen to see Dr. Legere ever since.

Dr. John Legere, Dermatologist

Most of my past visits were good and every now and then, I would have a skin tag or mole removed by freezing. However, during this past visit, I had two spots froze and three spots removed for biopsies.

The one area was on my right shin. This past Spring, I had scraped that spot on my boat's trailer back light support. Every time I thought it was healing, it would scrape open while taking a shower or by bumping it again.

I actually had my endocrinologist nurse practitioner check it during one of my diabetic check-ups. She thought it was only a scrape that it was scarring over.

Well, yesterday morning I received a call from my dermatologist's office. The two spots on my back were passed down through genetics and the third spot, on my right shin, turned out to be Basil Cell Carcinoma.

Basil Cell Carcinoma

I now had to return to Dr. Legere's office for care. Luckily, they had an appointment available yesterday afternoon at 2:15 p.m.

Dr. Legere chose to do a "curettage and electrodessication" procedure to remove the basil cells...

Curettage and Electrodessication Procedure

In short, Dr. Legere used an instrument to scrape off three layers of skin. After each scrapping, he used to Hyfrecator 2000 to cauterize the wound. Not only does the electro-surgical procedure stop the bleeding, but it also may kill any basil cells that were left behind from the scrapings.

My next appointment is in two months to make sure the wound is healing properly. Unfortunately, because of it's location on my right shin, it may take a bit longer to heal due to circulation and my diabetes issues.

I changed the Band-aid this morning and the wound looked pretty good with very little bleeding from yesterday's procedure.

I had to laugh when Dr. Legere said, "Unfortunately, you're stuck with me for the rest of your life!"... LOL! He's great doctor and I can think of a lot worse things than to have to visit his office.

Take Care and Be Safe!