Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pequea (Pa) New Boat Launch (04/23/13)

Hello Folks,

The PPL Power Company (Holtwood Dam) has been improving the Pequea Boat Launch over the past two months and are well on their way to increasing the number of ramps and trailer parking along the Susquehanna River in Lower Lancaster County.

My good friends, Jeff (CHRGD) and Penny, were on Lake Aldred this past week and took some outstanding pictures of the construction site of the new ramps. Seeing all that the construction crew have done makes me appreciate the techniques for building boat ramps along moving water ways like the Susquehanna River.

Overall Worksite - The mouth of the Pequea Creek is to the right. The Norfolk Southern Railroad runs just behind the work site.
 photo 4ddcc50f-26f9-4540-b0cb-891d7a96af4f_zps2fe7b5e5.jpg

 photo 1efdf4be-c03d-49d4-a146-dd63e3758b70_zps27ff9227.jpg

The Two New Ramps
 photo 148b1aa1-40dd-4d60-9b57-c4e4196beac7_zpsc5d63de2.jpg

Levee wall built to protect the ramps at the mouth of the Pequea Creek
 photo 4a96ae1e-e388-4b34-abd8-6d83885b7434_zpsac154353.jpg

Another picture that shows the protective levee built out into the river.
 photo 8e0b2109-58b6-4617-93d3-49e8ed5f99e2_zps69f3a99f.jpg

Drainage piping and concrete ramp slates are shown stored on the right side of this picture.
 photo 1b1fda97-db7e-4a67-83b5-b723418f5337_zps0a45c7a5.jpg

I wish I had a pre-construction picture of this site so that you could compare what this area looked like prior to the building of the additional ramps. Take my word for it, a lot of work has gone into preparing and building what we now see.

I assume that there will also be some type of retaining wall or heavy rocks placed at the railroad hillside to shore it up and prevent erosion from heavy rains or high water events.

Thanks to Jeff and Penny for providing these excellent pictures for us to view of the building project.

According to the PPL website, the Pequea Boat Launch is closed during the week and open on the weekends. This project should be done by Memorial Day 2013.

Take Care and Be Safe