Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spinning Josh! (12/09/12)

Hello Folks,

It's been a while since I've been on the water fishing, but I have been visiting websites and staying in touch with those who have been fishing the Susquehanna River. It seems that the suspending jerkbait has been pulling in a lot of smallies above Harrisburg, Pa. In fact, several anglers, including Jeff Little, in kayaks have caught smallmouth measuring 19.75" this past week.

Jeff Little of the Wilderness Staff

Our good friend, Joe (Rooster) Raymond, has also produced another fantastic video showing off some beautiful smallies and excellent jet rig running on the river.

Check it out!

And our good friend, Seth, from Eastern Pa. Fishing Report (EPFR) took a 2010 video I made of Josh Kreider goofing around and spinning on his butt seat (Our Homemade GPS/Fish Finder) and did some cool editing to it... Pretty Funny Stuff, Seth!

I need to get some editing software to put together some of our past videos into a compilation mini-video. I definitely have enough footage over the past years to do at least one decent one... Sure!

We certainly know how to keep ourselves busy during the doldrums of late fall and winter. Don't we?

On November 29, 2012, I had an appointment with Dr. N. Anthony Mastropieto. Dr. Tony was my family physician for over 30 years and his poor back forced him out of his family practice, which he still holds interest. He is now the System Chief Medical Officer of the Lancaster (pa.) Regional Hospital. He also meets once a month in his office building to help manage drug abuse and help patients, like myself, come off of pain medications. I have been on my pain medication for nearly a year and a half. I made an appointment to see Dr. Tony to come off the pain medication I am currently on to a milder, less addictive one. But Dr. Mastropietro was concerned about my continued pain and lack of mobility in my replaced left knee, calf, and ankle joint. He is also aware of the pain I currently have in my lower back from several bulging disks and two spinal stenosis. He felt that it wasn't time to come off the pain medication until we have these things under control.

This past Wednesday, I had a updated spinal MRI ordered by Dr. Mastropietro. The last one I had done was back in 2005. Over time, I have been getting spinal epidural injections to ease the pain from my sciatic nerve and lower lumbar. I am looking forward to the report this week explaining if my back has progressed in further with degenerative arthritis.

Dr. Mastropietro also arranged an appointment with Dr. William Parrish, orthopedic surgeon, of Orthopedic Specialist of Central Pennsylvania.

I met with Dr. Parrish on December 6, 2012. He believes that he can help me extend my knee and give me more mobility. As with Dr. Tymon, Dr. Parrish is concerned about the biology of scar tissue forming over time and hindering my movement. We will need to be aggressive after the procedure.

His plans are to remove the upper prosthetic of the replaced joint and shave down the femur to allow more room for extension. He will then replace the removed hardware, sew me back together, and place my leg in a CPM (Constant Passive Motion) machine. This will keep my knee moving up to a 90 degree angle during the first few days of healing.

The new knee surgery is scheduled for February 11, 2013.

I am a bit apprehensive about going through more surgery after all I have been through in the past year and a half. But I see no other method available that will allow me more motion than to attack the problem internally.

Time will tell!

Take Care and Be Safe!