Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Fishing in the Fog (The 3Fs) (10/24/12)

Hello Folks,

The weatherman was calling for the possibility of morning showers on the television as I was breaking free from my warm and comfortable bed this morning . So, I dressed accordingly... fishing pants, long sleeve shirt, rain bibs, and rain jacket. It was only 46 degrees when I left my home at 6:15 am, but it eventually reached 75 degrees while we were on the water! Why did I wear these long sleeves!?  :)

I met Jeff at the ramp around 7:00 am and we chose to wait about 30 minutes to see if the fog would begin to lift. It didn't even show a hint of lifting so we backed the boat and trailer down the ramp and headed out on our new adventure... Fall Fishing in the Fog !

Here we are hanging out at in the parking lot waiting to the fog to lift. We finally decided to launch and not waste anymore precious time. It was now up to us to use our "keen senses" to get us to our first honey hole.


Once we launched, I actually did try to pull up my navigation app on my SmartPhone, but the app wouldn't cooperate. We were now stuck on our own trying to figure out which way was south... LOL! At one point, we noticed a boat wake and realized it was ours... We had actually passed ourselves. :)

Jeff finally remembered that he had a small compass on-board and pulled that out. It's exactly what we needed! 


Once I get my short video of us "putzing around" in the heavy fog, I'll download it here for you all to see how we dealt with today's fog.

"Hey, I think we finally found the rock garden!"...


We weren't the only foolish people out on the river in this "heavy dew". Below is a pic of a fellow we spoke with who was running a G3 CCJ with a 90/65 Yamaha. I asked him if he had a "Lakeside Marine" rig and he said that he did... Cool Beans!


Last evening, I was looking for a lure among my humongous tackle collection that just might draw a strike in the area we were planning to fish. What caught my eye was a Winco Custom Lure... The Helgraleech rigged on a 1/4oz. reduced snag flutter head jig. "Okay, let's give this baby a try." I am so glad that I grabbed this lure and tied it on this morning... And Here's Why!

 dadLL1918_10_24_123-1re dadLL1918_10_24_12re

You tell me. Was it a good decision? :) The above smallmouth bass was a big and healthy 19 1/8" beauty.

The fog stayed with us most of the morning and began to lift around 10:00 am.


Jeff had a slow morning start, but came on strong in the afternoon. Here he is holding a gorgeous  "Toothy Critter" that hit a Bomber Model A in the Firetiger color. Great job, Buddy!


As the fog lifted, the air temperature rose to 75 degrees!

I always put on sun screen before leaving my home to go fishing. Today was no exception despite the heavy fog that greeted me when I first left the house. By 9:00 am, I was wondering if  I would need anymore with the fog we were experiencing. But by noontime, the fog was lifting, the temperature was rising, and I was spraying another round of SPF 30 on my face, neck, and hands.

I had a great day on the water with my good buddy, Jeff. I certainly do appreciate all that he does for me while we are on the water. I know that he often in pain from his bad back. Despite the aches and pains he experiences each and every day, he will still reach out to assist me in any way possible. Thanks, buddy!

Take Care and Be Safe!