Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lake Aldred With Jeff B (08/29/12)

Hello Folks,

Jeff and I finally got back on the water together this past Wednesday. It's been quite some time since we were last out on the Susquehanna River. In fact, the last time we were out together, Penny had joined up with us and we were fishing on the Conowingo Pond... June 2, 2012! That means it had been 88 days since we last occupied the same jet rig on the Susquehanna River.

In between, we have had ultra-steamy-hot days of summer. Julie has had her arm surgery... Again... and I was able to get my boat out on a solo trip. A lot of stuff has certainly past by.

We decided to hit the water early and see if we could get a morning bite going. But a cold front had past through the day before and we were faced with a gorgeous and high Blue Bird Sky. The river water temperature was 79 degrees and the clarity was clear. The morning air temperature when we launched was only 59 degrees... Compare that to the 73 degrees we had this morning at sunrise!

Needless to say, the fishing was really slow. We were only able to hit two fish and both came on a Cotton Cordell Super Spot in about 4-5' of water. Neither fish was big, In fact, the largest (see photo below) only measured in at 14"...


Other lures we tossed included spinnerbaits, tubes, and whacky worms.

We fished several key spots before taking a relaxing break for lunch. During lunch,  we made plans to run down river to several old fishing holes that we often caught smallmouth and largemouth. We both came to the conclusion that we have never had the same amount of luck fishing in the lower lake as we have fishing in the upper section.


Although we didn't catch any fish in the early afternoon, we definitely enjoyed the beautiful lower river scenery and even caught sight of two mature bald eagles as they soared over the river hills.

We decided to call it a day around 2:00 pm and headed back to the ramp.

The weather has been so beautiful since the super-summer heat of August has past by. I decided to cut the grass Thursday night before the Labor Day Weekend began. Prior to riding the lawn tractor through the front and back yards, I grabbed the water hose to top off the pool level. The summer heat causes evaporation of the pool water. Recently, we've been having less humid days and evaporation occurs quicker on such days.

Thankfully our pool is equipped with a propane gas heater which heats the water temperature just right for my aching joints. So while cutting the grass, I added fresh spring water from our well, ran the pump to filtrate the water, and started heating the pool to a nice 85 degrees... My favorite temp! :)

It takes me about an hour or son to mow the entire yard... More time if I weed whack. So, I usually let the water hose run for about 30 minutes before shutting it off. That usually allows me to mow the front and side yards before heading into the backyard. Once in the backyard, I will close the gate so my dogs can come outside and run with me, turn off the water hose, and wind it back onto the hose holder... Then I jump back on the lawn tractor and finish cutting the backyard grass.

The last two summer evenings have been just perfect. Not only did I get the lawn mowed for the long holiday weekend on Thursday evening, but I also took a refreshing dip in the pool on both evening... Nice! Last night, the neighbors four sons joined Zach and me for a swim. They brought a football over to the pool and we tossed it around while taking a dip... Exercise without even realizing it. Ha!



As you can see, I love hanging my legs straight down in the deep end with the use of my "Noodles" and allowing my spine to decompress. I can definitely feel the tension leave my body as I relax after working on the yard work.

Last evening, we were treated to a rare Blue Moon or the second full moon of the month. The next one will not return until 2015! Not only was a clear summer night, but it was also a full moon. Jeff and Penny had decided to take a fishing trip to Long Level with their inboard Tracker 120 Hp jet rig and sent me the below pics. You can see just how much water was sucked down and through the Safe Harbor Dam last evening. For those who never fish near operating hydroelectric dams, this is exactly what we have to be fully aware of while on the water.

The Safe Harbor, Holtwood, and Conowingo Dams can suck water so quickly that thousands of cfi's can empty and leave a boater stranded among the rocks rather quickly. Jeff wrote to me last evening and said that he and Penny ran into the rock garden to fish. But as they returned to the ramp, they almost ran onto an exposed ledge that had been submerged when they launched. We have to be extremely aware and careful of such ledges and "goonies" (slightly submerged rocks and boulders).




A big thanks to my fishing buddy, Jeff B., for taking me fishing last Wednesday. I always appreciate the pictures he and Penny send my way. The Long Level photos were excellent!

Take Care and Be Safe!