Friday, August 24, 2012

Prayers and Speedy Recovery to Bruce Neal (08/24/12)

Hello Folks,

About a month ago, an old Pa. BASS Federation angler and District 3 leader, Bruce Neal suffered from a brain aneurysm. I was shocked to hear this news because my son and I were at Susquehanna Fishing Tackle (SFT) in July when Bruce was there shopping. My youngest son, Zach, was along with me and as we walked to our parked car, I pointed out Bruce's business truck (B & P Neal Enterprises, Inc.) parked along side our vehicle... I always loved seeing it.

I would consider that the perfect job to have - Blowing things up... safely!

Thoughts and prayers go out to Bruce and his wife, Pam, as he recovers. Hang tough, Bruce!

Take Care and Be Safe!