Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Follow-Up Trip To Dr. Tymon (07/30/12)

Hello Folks,

I had a three month follow-up checkup with my knee replacement surgeon, Dr. Tymon, at the Lancaster Orthopedic Group (LOG) in Lancaster, Pa. We decided on another cortisone shot in my replaced knee. That's always a real treat to have an injection placed in a joint. The smaller joints, fingers and wrists, tend to be a little more sensitive than a major joint like a knee. Although, one of the only cortisone injections I ever had that lifted me off a chair was one I had in my right elbow before my first right elbow surgery two years ago. The second cortisone shot in the same joint went a lot better!

I will also be seeing a foot specialist, Dr. Tuckman (LOG), in mid-October. Dr. Tymon mentioned that he and Dr. Tuckman have been discussing issues like mine. These are knees that tend to freeze up with adhesions and then place undue stress on the other joints... i.e. hips and ankles.

I must admit, my ankle is in constant pain due to this strange angle I have to walk at because my knee will not straighten. I also have a tremendous amount of pain in my left calf muscles. My PT mention to me that there are two large muscle groups in our calves. The minor muscle seems to be doing the majority of work for me since my knee doesn't straighten. My PT gave me some stretching and strengthening exercises to help that minor calf muscle as it attempts to help me walk.

So, I'll be seeing my knee surgeon again in a month and that foot specialist in October.

I spoke with my fishing buddy, Mike Burton, today. He told me that the river will be rising from 3.2' to 3.7' in the next few days. That's good news for those who will be attending the Rodeo at the Ferryboat Campground (RT. 11/15) (Fri-Sun). Most anglers will be fishing from kayaks... Matt Leo, webmaster of and, has a camper sitting at Ferryboat Campground. The remainder of attendees will be in the camping area for tents. If you have some time and live locally, stop by the campground and say hi to those in attendance.

Take Care and Be Safe!