Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julie's Surgery Date is Set... Again!

Hello Folks,

We have all been sweltering here in South Central Pennsylvania. It was in the 90s once again today and then it happened... A cold front advanced on us from Canada and the temperature dropped 23 degrees in less than two hours!

Despite the extreme temperature drop, it is very muggy outside. More storms and rain are expected to pass through tonight and tomorrow as the front stalls just below the Mason/Dixon Line.

We were going to go out fishing on the river tomorrow, but we decided to hold off for another day to see if the weather lightens up.

The Susquehanna River level on the Harrisburg, Pa. gauge is reading 3.1' and the flow has dropped to  4 kcfs... "Low and Slow!"

I will be heading in for my bi-annual MRI with Contrast next Wednesday(7/25/12). This is for my bi-annual visit with Dr. Maheshwari, Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Dr. Maheshwari is my liver specialist who used to work with Johns Hopkins University Hopsital. He generally orders a liver panel blood test and MRI with Contrast for each visit I make to see him.

I can't wait to lay on my back with my right arm stretched out over my head for up to 45 minutes for the MRI with Contrast (NOT!). For anyone who has osteoarthritis, you can just imagine how tight, sore, and uncomfortable I feel during and after this test ends.

They do have "Open" MRIs available, but I can usually handle the closed one without too much anxiety.

Julie was suppose to be going to The Methodist Hospital in Philly next Thursday for the shortening of her ulna bone and shortening of a small hand bone with the help of Dr. Kulp. We had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Peart at the Lancaster Orthopedic Group (LOG) today and he offered to do the very same surgery here in Lancaster, Pa. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I love Philly, but I wasn't looking forward to driving Julie to Center Philly along S. Broad Street for this surgery.  Dr. Kulp is an outstanding surgeon, but we also have total trust in Dr. Peart and expressed that to him today. He's not sure that these procedures will completely take care of Julie's pain, but we must try.

So... Julie's surgery is now scheduled for this coming Monday, first thing in the morning! They usually schedule us early due to our diabetes. Julie is a "brittle" juvenile diabetic and wear an insulin pump. Her diabetes is a lot more out-of-control than my Type-II is. The pump has been a Godsend.

Here we go again... Mo' Surgery. I certainly hope that she gets relief from the pain she has been experiencing since last July, 2011. It's hard to think that it has been a whole year since she fell at work. Her first surgery was in October, 2011. Since then, she has been in and out of PT and also had her wrist in a cast for a five week period. None of the post-surgical care has helped her and may have actually been harming the tendon that was repaired last October, according to the hand specialist at the Philly Hand Center.

I have been extremely reluctant heading out on the river with the daily threat of storms over the past two or so weeks. It's been driving me crazy not being able to feel comfortable on my own boat. It's a new hurdle I must make as I recover from my knee replacement. I used to head out on these types of days without hesitation because I knew that I was capable of quickly stowing my tackle and gear and returning to the dock. Once back at the ramp, I was able to quickly prepare my jet rig for towing home. But I must say, I no longer feel that confident in moving so quickly with this bum knee.

Make sure you keep an eye out for my next report... Who knows? I may even have been fishing... LOL!

Take Care and Be Safe!