Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mothers Day (05/13/12)

Hello Folks,

I want to wish everyone's mother a very "Happy Mothers Day".

I was born on Christmas Day 1954. My mom told me that she was preparing the Christmas Turkey and that's why she named me Tom... The real story was that she had an Uncle Tom who was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and that is who I was named after. I only met my great-uncle in photos. Mom had one fantastic photo of Uncle Tom sitting high upon his steed in his police uniform... Pretty Cool, huh?

My mother raised three sons, of which I am the youngest. My oldest brother, Denny, was born in 1950 and my middle brother, Jim, was born in 1952, Yep, we were all about two years or so apart from the previous brother. Great spacing for Mom and Dad.

Mom was born and raised in Queens, New York City. She lived in Astoria near Steinway Street. And yes, her mother did own and play a Steinway piano. In fact, her mother wrote music, poetry, and short plays. She was connected with Kate Smith in New York City and her radio show. My grandmother's work would often be highlighted on Kate Smith's show... Another Cool, huh? Alas, my grandmother passed away at a very young age and left a very large family behind. There were 12 children in the Gormly Family... 10 children survived through childhood.

My mother lived 80 years, raised three sons, and had seven grandsons and two great-granddaughters before she passed away six years ago.

I would also like to wish my wife, Julie, a very Happy Mothers Day. She worked so hard raising our three sons. Not only was she a mother to three active boys, but she also worked each day at the Kellogg Company in Lancaster, Pa. We worked close as a parenting team when it came to raising the boys.

Happy Mothers Day!

Take Care and Be Safe!