Saturday, March 10, 2012

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle Cabin Fever (03/10/12)

Hello Folks,

I would like to take a moment to thank George Sr., George, Jr., and Mike Acord for presenting their annual "Cabin Fever Sale" today. Julie and I thoroughly enjoyed the two seminars that we attended and talking with all the anglers in attendance.

Each year, Susquehanna Fishing Tackle presents their biggest sale of the year in March. It provides relief from all of those who have been pent up inside throughout the winter months. Not only is everything in the store on sale, but there are seminars presented for free!

The sale began on March 7th and ran through today, March 10th.

Julie and I attend the Susquehanna River Smallmouth seminar presented by fishing guide, Dave Shindler. Dave did an excellent presentation covering the river when it throws anglers a "curve ball". That is when we get to the river and the conditions are totally different than what we expected.

The second semester we attended was presented by professional angler and on-water trainer, Pete Gluszek. Pete's topic was tidal water and seasonal patterns.

I believe what I enjoy most about these seminars are listening to how the guides and pros are using new technology to seek out and catch bass. Neither speaker came across as "salesmen" for sponsors. That, in itself, does not turn me off because I realize that it is a very important aspect of their careers. I have learned over the years of attending seminars, like the Bassmaster Fishing Techniques, etc., how to overlook those sponsor spots and throw in the keywords... ie. spinnerbait, crankbait, depth finder, soft plastics, etc.

Let me explain. In the past, whenever I would hear a pro mention something like "War Eagle Spinnerbaits", I would hear the word "spinnerbait" without getting all tied up with the name brand. Of course I understand that some brands have subtle differences that can make them unique. For example, Pete showed us a spinnerbait that had a weird wire configuration that is suppose to create greater vibration. I have absolutely no idea whether it actual does or does not work, but it definitely looked different. (For the life of me, I can't remember the name brand).

I also got to see and talk to my old bass club buddy, Greg Plank. I've known Greg for nearly twenty years and we've had some great fishing adventures together. Greg used to own a ProCraft Bass Boat and we would run that in Open Tournaments on the Conowingo Pond and Lake Clarke (Long Level).

This coming week will be a very busy week for me. I'm not sure if I'll get on the water on not. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous with temperatures in the 60s.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday. On Tuesday, I'll be in the hospital for my second left knee manipulation. The last time I had my knee manipulated in September 2011, I stayed in the hospital for three days. My surgeon has me scheduled as an outpatient. I'm not sure how that will work because I had a "leg block" for my first manipulation. That leg block prevented me from any feeling in my entire left leg. After the manipulation, I could not feel a darn thing in that leg for almost a 24 hr. period.

I am scheduled for PT on Wednesday. Thursday, I have an endocrinologist appointment for my diabetes. And on Friday, Julie has a follow-up appointment with her wrist surgeon, Dr. Peart.

We have had so many doctor appointments over the past four weeks! The only way I could attend so many doctor appointments is by being retired. I could not see any working man or woman ever being able to keep up with this schedule while holding a full-time job.

I know that my buddy Jeff and his wife, Penny, will be out fishing and sharing information, In fact, Josh may be on the water this coming Wednesday if his schedule permits. So, keep and eye open for some new information as the week progresses.

Check out the next two weeks on Accuweather!

42°26°00Clear 49°29°
60°35°00Mostly sunny and warmer 49°30°
65°45°00Partly sunny and mild 49°30°
70°43°00A shower possible 50°30°
71°38°00Mostly sunny, nice and warm 50°30°
68°42°0.020Mostly sunny and warm 51°31°
61°40°00Mild with periods of sun 51°31°
63°45°0.070A couple of afternoon showers 51°31°
65°45°00Considerable cloudiness 52°32°
66°45°0.20Sun and some clouds 52°32°
66°45°0.020Morning rain; mostly cloudy 53°32°
65°45°0.050Rain 53°33°
66°45°00Partly sunny 53°33°
69°46°00Mostly sunny and warm 54°33°
68°44°00Mostly sunny 54°34°

What beautiful Spring weather is approaching!

Take Care and Be Safe!