Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain, Rain and More Rain... (5/15/11)

Hello Folks,

I'm sitting here at my computer keyboard wondering.. "When will this weather clear?"

It started raining Friday (5/13) evening and is suppose to rain until Thursday (5/19). Not only is it suppose to rain, but the forecast is calling for thunder storms!

Lancaster, Pa. Extended Forecast

I shouldn't be complaining too much since we just had eight straight beautiful Spring days. Not only that, but I got to fish three times in those eight days! :)

You will find below the "River Predictor Graphs" for the next few days:

Susquehanna River

Juniata River

North Branch of The Susquehanna River

I certainly don't mind fishing in the rain. I own plenty of good rain gear to keep me dry. But I do mind fishing when there's a threat of lightening... Oh, yea! I have been in some terrible storms over the years and while on the water. Luckily, I've to come out alive. Holding a graphite rod and being in an aluminum boat doesn't meet my criteria for being safe.

There was the time I was fishing on Marsh Creek in a club tournament and a terrific thunderstorm passed over us. Not only was there plenty of rain and frightening thunder and lightening, but the wind was just awful. We hunkered down deep inside the boat with reeds wrapped around the cleats to hold us in place.

The wind was blowing so hard that my partner stood up in the middle of the storm a yelled to me, "What's that noise!" I told him to get back down in the boat and that the noise was the wind blowing through the nearby trees. It sounded like a freight train was rumbling pass us. :)

We were in Josh's G3 1860 DLX a couple of years ago and fishing the Lancaster County Hawg Hunters' Thursday night tournament when a terrible storm moved through from the west to the east. We were fishing just above the Rt. 30 Bridge at Columbia, Pa. when the lightening started. Josh  backed the boat under the bridge and waited it out and staying relatively dry under the conditions.

So, once there's a glimmer of hope that the weather will stabilize here, I'll jump back on the water to bring more fishing reports to you.

Take Care and Be Safe!