Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Rain Continues... 7 Straight Days of rain and T-storms (05/19/11)

Hello Folks,

It has been way too long since I've been out fishing. We still have at least one more day of this wet weather before any clearing is in sight. And that clearing will only last a day or so before more chances of t-storms move in. It will probably be over a week until the rivers are in good condition to fish successfully. But you know me, as soon as I am able, I'll be back out and at it.

The last time we looked at the "NOAA Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service" for the Susquehanna River, it showed a rise to 6.4'. It is now predicted to rise to 11.4' by early Sunday (5/22/11) morning. A five foot increase since my last post.

My older brother has a rain gauge at his home and he told me that the gauge has collected over 7" of rain! This additional rain will put it well over the 8" above normal mark since March, 2011. That is a lot of rain.

But I will not complain after seeing what rain damage is happening in the Mississippi watershed. My heart goes out to those who were forced to evacuate their homes and personal items due to flooding and breaching of levees. Many have sacrificed for the good of the cause... saving the major metropolitan areas.

Let's hope they find the relief they need through the government, insurance claims, and donations . We are a nation of givers and volunteers and many will hear the call for help and respond.

I took a drive today to a local park with my son. We donned rain gear and took a walk around the large pond that they have on the property. The carp have moved into the shallows and are visible from the shoreline. Each Spring they move back into these areas from the deeper sections of the pond.

We also noticed that many of the Canadian Geese have hatched their eggs and the goslings are up and moving with mom and dad. We counted 9 in one group and 14 in another. I believe that these geese act like surrogate parents for the entire population... A major responsibility with such a large brood.

The Lancaster Sertoma Club was in the park preparing for the "World's Largest Chicken BBQ" as noted in the "Guinness Book of World Records". They have their pits all set up, big tent, and numerous dumpsters for trash. On Saturday (5/21/11), the park will turn into a giant Chicken BBQ distribution center. Thousands of cars will be driving through the park to pick up meals and thousands more will be eating right there in the park.

It's a great undertaking that I was happy to be part of back in the late 1970. I was an executive for the Lancaster-Lebanon Boy Scouts Council and was an active member of the Lancaster Sertoma Club. Each BSA executive chose a charitable community group to participate in. I chose the Sertoma Club (Service To Mankind).

The monies we raised at the BBQ were used to maintain the park... benches, trees, etc. I always enjoyed that aspect of the Sertoma Club.

Please bare with me as I wait out this unusually wet weather for a chance to get back on the water and bring more fishing reports to you. Maybe I'll look around the garage and my tackle to see what I might find of interest to write about... So, hang tough!

Take Care and Be Safe!