Monday, March 14, 2011

Susquehanna River Flood Photos and Videos Part 2 (03/13/11)

Good Morning, Folks

I promised last evening to bring you some more videos and pictures of the flooding in the Lower Susquehanna River Valley. It was running late last night and I was feeling tired from being outside all day and driving to the locations along the river to see such awesome amount of water that was passing through our county.

WGAL Television mentioned on the 11:00 pm. news that the northern sections of the river were now dropping below the flood stage, but our Southern Lancaster County river sections were still in the flood stages. The following videos and pictures are from yesterday (March 13, 2011) during the flood stage.

Safe Harbor Dam - Lake Aldred and The Pequea Boat Ramp

Those of you who have been following my blog over the past two years may recognize Lake Aldred as the section of the Susquehanna River that I call my "Home Waters". Many of my fall and early winter adventures come from this lake. It lies between the Safe Harbor Dam and the Holtwood Dam.

The videos and pictures that you are about to view show both the Safe Harbor and Holtwood Dams and the effects that the flood is currently having on them.

I hope you enjoy!

Safe Harbor Dam - Lancaster County Side

The following pictures and videos are of the Pequea Boat Ramp which is due south of the Safe Harbor Dam, Lancaster County.

Pequea Boat Club

Pequea Boat Club Boathouse

The Pequea Boat Ramp - The water was halfway up the parking lot!

RR Bridge - Looking West And Out To The River

Looking Upstream on the Pequea Creek. The Outboard Boating Club (OBC) is on the left shoreline and completely underwater. Notice the stored docks to the left.


Holtwood Dam, York County Side at Lock 12


A little further down the road at the Observation Platform



Never underestimate the power of water!

I am constantly amazed when I see boaters and anglers attempting to use small crafts in powerful and turbulent water. Many, many people have gotten themselves into serious trouble by underestimating the river's force.

In fact, several canoeist were rescued on Saturday just below the Holtwood Dam. I just can't imagine what they were thinking by taking canoes out in this situation.

Canoeist Trapped On Islands 03/12/11

I was in awe at the sheer power and volume of water that was passing by us as we stood and watched the Susquehanna River yesterday.

I hope that those who could not witnessed this event first-hand were able to appreciate, through pictures and videos, the sight that my son and I witnessed.

It appears that we will not be out on the river anytime soon. There are some areas that may be prime spots once the river settles to the 9-10' range. Some of the smaller creeks may even be hot spots with the river slightly above the 10' mark.

If you are a boater and angler, please be very careful if you attempt to "take on" the river before it reaches more normal levels and flows.

Take Care and Be Careful!