Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hitting the Water Tomorrow

Hello Folks,

As you know, I've been preparing for surgery once again (August 23, 2010) on my right elbow. I've had my jet rig ready to go fishing over the past several days, but I haven't found the energy or desire to get up and get moving in the early morning.

My wife has been working every day except Sundays. So, when she is home like she was today, I want to spend my time with her. Today, we went to a late breakfast at our local "greasy spoon" and later took in a fun movie, "The Other Guys."

I have the boat all ready for an early start tomorrow. The weather report is once again calling for the air temperature to reach the 90's. I will be on the water early, as usual, and most likely home by noon before the hottest part of the day.

Around 2:00 p.m. today, my good buddy, Mike Burton, called and wanted to see if I had time to go Flathead Catfishing tonight. If it were any other day this week, I would have jumped at going along. But being that it was the only day I have to spend with my wife, I had to refuse his offer. :(

Mike usually heads to one of several lakes in our area to catch blue gill to use as Flathead bait. After getting plenty blue gill to last the evening, he heads to the river and a few "hot spots" that hold huge Flatheads (20-30 lbs).

I have yet to do this type of cattie fishing and I'm looking forward to when we can go. Mike has introduced me to several other types of fishing, including striper and walleye fishing on the river.

I'm hoping things go well in the morning and I can get a good night's sleep. I believe that the pain I often experience during the evening keeps me from sleeping well. No sleep and pain doesn't actually make me want to jump right up and out of bed to hit the river... If you know what I mean!

I have my camera and my video sunglasses packed and ready to take some pics and video. If the dam is generating electricity when I arrive, I may be able to get a good buzzbait bite first thing in the morning.

Take Care,