Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enough Already!

Hello Folks,

I've been busy visiting doctors this week. Yesterday, I had an appointment with Dr. Peart, the orthopedic surgeon who worked on my right elbow in June, 2009. He had used arthroscopic surgery procedures and cleaned out my arthritic elbow of bone spurs, etc. and repaired a partial tear in a tendon.

This morning I was at my primary health physician (PHP) for a pre-op checkup and routine exam for my diabetes.

Well, since the surgery, my right elbow has swollen twice (see past blog post). The first swelling episode resulted in a cortisone shot (Ouch!)that helped for several months. Then the swelling returned at the beginning of June, 2010.

I iced the area for a little over a month before going to visit Dr. Peart. Since I am a diabetic and cortisone makes my blood sugars go haywire, we decided to hold off on another cortisone injection and get another MRI done.

Dr. Peart thought I had tennis elbow, but I felt it was more extensive than that. I've had a severe case or two of tennis elbow throughout my life (judo and fishing) and I know what it feels like. This was different and the pain radiated up and through my right hand.

So, I had the MRI done on July 27th. Boy, that was a real treat. I first tried laying on my right side and gave that position up rather quickly. I've never pushed one of those "alarm" buttons, but I did right before they began the test. I was feeling sick.

I believe felt nauseous because of my reflux. The two technicians were angels and came in immediately to help me. I repositioned myself on my back with my right arm uncomfortably stretched over my shoulder and head... Ugh! I needed to lay in that position for slightly over 45 minutes.

I had selected '70s music to listen to while the pounding of the MRI took place. However, the technician forgot to turn it on. I think I disturbed her routine when she had to come back into the room to help me. :/ That was okay because the headphones I was wearing helped to drown out some of the noise. I just closed my eyes and pretended what in the "real world" would make such a strange racket... sledgehammers, jet planes, etc.

I actually dozed off a couple of times when the lower humming and beating noises took place. ZZZZZZZZZ...

Well, yesterday was my follow up with Dr. Peart to the MRI study. It wasn't good. In fact, the MRI I had done prior to the surgery in June of 2009 was better. Dang!

Dr. Peart reviewed the test with me and we decided the best course of action would be to have surgery so he could get into the elbow and see what was truly going on. The arthroscopic procedure limits a surgeon from seeing the entire situation and apparently there was more going on than originally suspected.

My surgery is scheduled for August 23, 2010.

I now have 19 days to get as much fishing in as possible... LOL! I'll be in a splint for about 10 days after the surgery and then a few months for recovery and rehabilitation.

I told my good friend, Al Winco, that I'll have to be a "ride-along" for my fishing buddies... a cameraman or videographer. Just don't call me the "Netboy!" LOL :)

So until August 23, 2010, I need to get out on the water and get my addiction satisfied before I am put on hold for a couple of months.

Take Care,