Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rain, Rain, and More Rain... Feels Good!

Hello Folks,

After several weeks of highs in the 80's and at times 90+ temperatures, we are finally getting a good soaking rain. The Susuqehanna River level was recorded at 3.2' in Harrisburg this past week. The river level predictor is showing a potential rise to 4.1' by Friday. That will be a 12" rise in the past week... Great!

Hopefully, the flows will help the smallmouth with the much needed dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water. With the flow being low and the water level also low, we came to a point of the poorest DO level since the PFBC and DEP have been recording since the columnaris virus outbreak in 2005.

I kept an eye on the Weather Channel throughout the evening and decided to stay off the water today because of projected extreme downpours and predicted thunderstorms in out area. I'm so glad I made that decision. As I'm writing this blog entry, it is just pouring outside and has been for the past hour. I can almost hear our grass and the farmer's cornfield giving a collective sigh of relief... "Ahhhhhhh!"

Take care and Stay Safe,