Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My thoughts about fishing sites and reports, in general.

Hello Folks,

While fishing yesterday, I had a good discussion with my good buddy, Josh (smallieman) Kreider, over writing fishing reports, commenting on fishing reports, and their purpose, in general. He doesn't see the reason why I feel the way I do about writing reports on fishing sites since a lot of anglers enjoy reading them.

Awhile ago, another friend and I were talking about the purposes of fishing boards. Most board members talk about many, many different things (tackle/gear, world news, etc.) most being related to fishing. But the least of those things seems to be the actual act of fishing as expressed in the "Fishing Reports."

We both felt that of all the different forums on these sites, the "Fishing Reports" would seem to be the one most viewed and have the most comments/posts added. I believe that the one major reason we join a "Fishing Site" is discuss what we all love doing is "Fishing!" Yet, we see that this is far from what reality shows us. When we write fishing reports, it seems to be the area that gets the least amount attention and/or written comments.

As stated in an earlier blog entry, I don't see a fishing report as an "Atta Boy!" "Way to go!" section of the site. In fact, some sites have a bragging section to show off fish.

I'm at a loss in figuring out how the lack of responses can possibly be true, especially from a group that claims to be "addicted" to fishing and cherish their time on the water. I definitely have my opinions about why this occurs. Some are not pleasant thoughts and because of that, I'll keep them to myself... It's better that way.

So here's a question for you if you have noticed this at fishing sites... "Why do you think it is this way?"