Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fishing With Stevem Kayla, and Tyler 06_14_10

Hello Folks,

Yesterday, I fished with Steve, Kayla, and Tyler below Harrisburg, Pa. Steve had his daughter, Kayla, in his boat. I took Tyler in the G3. Here is Steve's report from Smallmouths.com ---->

Got back out on the water on Monday for a few hours in the morning. I was teamed up with my daughter Kayla, and my son hooked with Tom Boyd. Tom was already on the water and had a few bass already in the boat on spinnerbaits. We met at the ramp around 8:30am and fished till the wind kicked our butts! Weather man called for light winds around 5mph, according to weather.com. I think they need to get there wind checker checked!! Damn wind blew 20-25mph for the majority of time we on the water, every now and then it lighten up enough to fish decently. Plus the Susqy sure did stain/dirty up from my last outing the Thursday before. Bunch of t-storms and heavy rain got the creeks flowing mud and had the both shorelines stained pretty good. Kayla and I mainly threw spinnerbaits for most of the morning. I got bit within the first 10 minutes by a feisty 14" smallie. Had another small bass just about jump in the boat, chasing the spinnerbait as I pulled it up out of the water. Showed they were still in the mood to chase. Tom and Tyler had a few bass on tubes and spinerbaits, the biggest being a 16.5" caught by Tom on a blade. They mentioned how they lost 4-5 fish on tubes. Kayla says "i wanna throw a tube, this spinnerbait is boring!" I thought your crazy girl! So i hooked her up with a tube, well within 5 casts she says "there's one"! She's fighting the fish back to the boat, acting like a decent fish it makes an appearance and all i see is whisker's! I netted the 20" cattie for her, i asked her if she wanted to hold it for a picture? She wanted no part of that, right back to workin the tube she went. Had to been two casts later on the same ledge and WHACK! "Got another one dad" she hollered, i quickly grab the net and this fish is stormin for the boat! I tell her to keep her rod high and just like that this 17" smallie comes blasting out of water!


We finally get her fish into the net, a high five and a quick pic, we get her smallie back into the water. She nailed another 14" on the tube and I was able to put a few in the boat on tubes and this lunker 18.5" for the day on a spinnerbait.


Thanks again Tom for lettin Tyler hang out with you today. Had fun despite the windy conditions, as for now Kayla has bragging rights over Ty! We teased him all way home that he got beat by a girl!

Here was my response to his post ---->

We had a great day in the high winds and dingy waters... LOL. Actually, I was amazed at Tyler's abilities to try new lures to meet the conditions we fished in yesterday. Although we didn't have a lot of fish to show for our efforts, we both had a lot of fun trying.

Here was the one fish that we were able to take a pic. of... 17.5" on a spinnerbait. I told Tyler that my rule of thumb is "anything over 17 inches" and he agreed. he told me that was Steve's rule, too... LOL!


Tyler's a great kid!