Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crazy Weekend! 06/13/10

Hello Folks,

It's been one crazy weekend here in SC Pennsylvania. Hot days like August and t-storms in the afternoon and evenings. We've had almost 2 inches of rain in the past two days here in Southern Lancaster County.

I went to see my 10 year old neighbor play in his Championship Baseball Game last evening and we dodged the storms until we got home. The heavens opened up with rumbling thunder and torrential downpours.

I believe we have had more cold front thunderstorms this Spring 2010 then we normally get during the summer months. For the past month or so, we have had storm after storm sweep through the county after record heat days... Amazing!

I'm hoping to get on the water nice and early tomorrow with Steveinpa's 16 yr. old son, Tyler. Steve will have his daughter along with him... Father/Daughter vs. The Old Man/Young Pup. Here's hoping the water quality remains good for us throughout the day.

We will be below Harrisburg, Pa. in the area that Josh (smallieman) and I fished on Tuesday and Steve and I fished on Thursday.

I knew that a good friend of ours who helped us with fishing tips was fishing this area over the weekend and we gave it a rest the last three days. I know he was out Saturday and today still putting good fish in the boat with two friends. Good job, OC!

This location has a lot of shoreline land marks. Because there is way too much to "give away", I will not be video taping these trips out of respect for the area.

Our buddy, OC, has been nailing some great fish, including some citation bass, for a few weeks now. He was kind enough to share information with Steve and me. We promised by "crossing our hearts and hoping to die" not to reveal the access to anyone under threat of death! :)

It's now 6:00 p.m. and I'm not sure if we will get through the evening without another t-storm. There is nothing showing on the Doppler radar screen to our NW where most the storms have originated.

So, we'll keep our fingers crossed and see if we make it into tomorrow morning w/o any more rain.

The river is at 4.3' in Harrisburg, Pa. and shows a slow drop over the next two days on the predictor.

I'll be checking in with Josh tomorrow to see if our "Tuesday's With Dad" fishing outing will happen or not this week. I believe he has a Thursday night fishing T and will be pre-fishing in preparation.

Take care,

p.s. Bass Season Reopened on Saturday, June 12, 2010. The legal size limit from Sunbury, Pa. to the Conowingo Pond is 15".