Monday, April 26, 2010

Good News To Share

I bought a new cell phone cover a few weeks ago from the company Body Glove. It was a cover for an enV3. My buddy, Josh, had one on his cell phone and I needed to get a new one. I liked what I saw in his and I decided, upon recommendation from the Verizon rep, to purchase one, too.

In less than five days, I had lost the top half of the cover that just "snaps" onto the phone. When I spoke to Josh about what happened to my cell phone cover, he told me that his had snapped off a few times by getting caught on things, but he has been lucky to find his each time. I just wasn't as lucky and rather upset that this cover would do that so easily.

So, I contacted Body Glove who asked me to contact the company that produces these covers for them. A company named FELLOWES. I followed their suggestion and copy and pasted my letter to Body Glove and attached it to the new letter to FELLOWES.

Within hours, a rep from FELLOWES contacted me and asked me make a .jpg on my copy machine and send an attachment of the receipt to them for a replacement. The cover came with a one year warranty and they were willing to replace it!

I received the new cover today in less than five days. They thought it would take between 7 to 10 work days to get to my home.

I would like to thank both Body glove and FELLOWES for their fast and courteous customer service. I would highly recommend their products because they understood my concerns and were willing to correct the situation.

SO, I thought I would take a moment here to publicly show my appreciation.