Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fishing The Main Stem Below Harrisburg, Pa 04/20/10

Hello Folks,

I'm so tired right now that I'm only going to print the pic of the 20.25" smallie pigbeast I caught today on a spinnerbait along an island in moving water. She was spawned out!


Pic two didn't get her entire tail... Still learning how to use this darn camera.


I saw three eagles today. Two were sitting on top of this tower. If you look closely, you'll see the two mature eagle in the middle of the top pole.


I'll be back on later to complete a report!


A good night's sleep and I'm raring to go!

I wanted to cut the grass this morning before the showers moved in from the south. As I neared the end of my chore, drizzle started to fall. Good! I beat the rain that will be here today and tomorrow. Friday should be a nice snd sunny day, but Saturday through Tuesday... rain!

April showers are a little behind here in Pennsylvania. We are already 1.5" behind for the month and about 2.5" behind for the year.

The Susquehanna River has dropped to 4.4' at the Harrisburg, Pa. gauge. Although lower than I would like to see it at this time, I believe the next few days of showers and rain may help the river rise a bit.

I arrived at the ramp around 8:15 a.m. and readied the boat. I was on the water and fishing by 8:45 a.m. The water temperature was 53.7 degrees and the east side of the river was a bit brown, but the west shoreline was very clear. I could see to the bottom in 4.5' of water!

There is a grass island that I like to stop at early during my late spring and summer fishing adventures. As I was running up river, I decided to stop at the island just to see if I could find any bass at home.

I tossed a spinnerbait all the way around the small grassy island without a single bite. It was time to make a second pass and I picked a green pumpkin tube with a smoke pepper tail. On the second cast, I pulled in a nice 15" male.

It's funny how you can make several passes over one area with a couple of different lures and just like that, a bass will respond to one.

That was it for the island and I ran further upriver. It was shallow running in some areas, but the water was passable. I made my way to a larger island and began tossing the spinnerbait again.

I like spinnerbaits and crankbaits as "search lures". If I can get a reaction bite, I'm a happy bass angler!

Half way down the float along the island, "Oh my God!" That big 20.25" smallie inhaled the spinnerbait. Oh yea! My first 20" pigbeast of the season. What a great start to a fishing day!

I used my trolling motor to push back up the shoreline of the island while tossing a tube... No Takers!

My next move was to take a jerkbait and start tossing it in around the islands as I floated past. The JB yielded several bass in the 13"-14" range.

I moved into some faster moving water at the tip of the first island and tossed a spinnerbait once again. A nice fat chunk (14.5") smacked the spinnerbait. I had fished this spot prior to nailing that pigbeast and I had no hits. I pulled two 15" bass from this moving water on Thursday. I know that bass like this spot. After I had fished it earlier, I had made up my mind to return to it a bit later to see what mat have moved in.

I had a decent day and caught 13 bass altogether. As I mentioned in a previous blog thread, I enjoy catching fishing on numerous lures during an outing. I caught fish yesterday on... tube, spinnerbait, jerbait, crankbait, and a lipless crankbait. Five lures netted 13 bass today... Not bad!

Air temp was 45 degrees when I arrived and at 3:00 p.m., it was 66 degrees. The water temperature started out at 53.7 degrees and rose to 56.9 degrees. A 3+ degree jump... good!

Take care, folks!