Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday - Feb. 12, 2010 at the ESOS

Hey Folks,

I spent a second day helping JC and Barb Nuss at the Lakeside Marine Exhibit at the ESOS on Friday. It was a much busier day than Tuesday when I spent my first day helping.

JC was super impressed with the number of folks who came up to me and asked me if I was "Dad!" I explained to him that we get over 1200 hits on the blog each and every month. I don't think he understood what that meant until he saw so many folks introducing themselves to me at the show. Let me tell you, I appreciated everyone who took the time to say "Hi!" to me and spend some time shooting the breeze.

I'll be helping JC and Barb once again from April 9 -10, 2010 at the Harrisburg Belco Parking Lot at 449 Eisenhower Blvd. just down the street from Bass Pro Shop. Belco helps with financing customers of Lakeside Marine. The idea hatched over the winter and at first, Lakeside was going to be the sole business represented. But Belco decided to make it a slightly bigger parking lot sale with a few more businesses that they assist in financing. Barb told me that she heard of a motorcycle company that would most likely be there also. Sounds like fun.

Folks, I am not a salesman nor am I associated with Lakeside in any other manner other than I am a friend of JC. JC has helped me so much in the past years and we are fishing buddies from years ago. He has always been a hard worker ever since I've known him as a 12 yr. old student of mine. By the way, I was his middle school counselor... He's now 40 yrs. old now!! How can that be!? LOL :-)

I now have it on "good word" that Lakeside will be dealing in Kevin Turner's River Pro series of boats. In fact, I believe that JC and Barb took home with them a brand new dual console Lo-Pro as a display. Check it out! These boats are so beautiful and well-built IB jet rigs made right here in Missouri, USA! (200 HP Merc)

I was able to talk with Kevin at the ESOS. I am so ignorant of most motors, in general, but these IB jet rigs are over-the-top! Kevin was able to explain some things to me in layman's terms that helped me understand these great rigs a little better.

I got to see my good friends Bob Clouser and Bobby Clouser, Jr. on Friday. We met at the BPS and rode together on the bus over to the show. I saw Bob do a casting demonstration at 9:30 a.m. and the I returned to the FF pond at 2:30 p.m. see the FF panel discussion with Bobby Jr., Bob, Steve Harry, and Frank Angelo. A lot of FF stories and techniques were shared in the hour discussion. It was well worth it!

Bob Clouser at the Casting Pond

Bob Clouser answering questions to curious onlookers.

FF Panel Discussions - (L to R) Bobby Clouser, Jr., Steve Harry, Bob Clouser, and Frank Angelo

Steve Harry Bio:

Frank Angelo Bio:

Bobby, Jr. tying a Clouser Crayfish in "Cameo Color" (Turkey Feather) - LOL!