Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hoping to Return to Fly Fishing - Arthritis Prevented Casting

Over the past two summers, I have only FF once or twice... none last year! I began having serious issues with arthritis in my hand, wrist and elbow from years of sports and genetics and it prevented me from doing many things. I had to give up rowing my kayak and FF, two things I loved doing.

This past February and later in June (2009), I had two surgeries with 6 different procedures to help these issues. I am still feeling it at times in my hand and elbow. The wrist is doing much better overall.

I am hoping to return to fly fishing this upcoming season. I'll be out in the backyard practicing my casting. I may start by casting my 5/6 wt. and then gradually work my way back to my 8 wt.

I requested on several fishing boards I frequent for anyone who had similar surgical procedures on their hand, wrist, or elbow due to arthritis to let me know how you went about recovering and getting back to FF.

I'm extending that request here on "Fishing With Dad." Has anyone here ever gone through any hand, wrist, or elbow surgery and rebound to FF once again.

I do cast spinning and casting reels. In fact, I did so during my healing and therapy process. It really helped. But as we know, casting a fly line is a lot different.