Saturday, September 5, 2009

Steve and Kayla, dad and Tyler 09_04_09

I hooked up with Steve and his kids this morning below Harrisburg, Pa. Here are a few pics of Tyler's morning with the "old man"...

Cooling the tootsies in the drink
Another Pic of Tyler Cooling Off

Caught me taking a pic... hee hee
Tyler Coolong Off With Feet in River

Tyler's Walleye... Look at that smile!
Tyler's Walleye

We also had a double header on tubes... Site fishing.
Double Hook-Up!

Enjoyed the day with Tyler.

Steve's Report w/o Pics
Just wanted to take this time to "THANK" Tom for letting my son spend a day on the water with him! Tyler had a great time out on the water with ya, Tom. I saw the smile on his face as you guys blew by me in your G3 with the 115/80 blasting up river! I had you beat until we cleared the shoot then it was "see ya later!!"

Kayla and I had a great time spent together on the water as well. I finally put 5 big smallies into the net, plus a couple little guys letting me know there still around. My day started off at the same place I caught my 19.25" just the day before. Kayla and I worked tubes for a good hour without a hit!! We pulled the troll motor up and made a run to some ledges that had 4'-6' water on them. I started off in this area with the LC 100 jerkbait, didn't take to long and I had the first smallie in the boat. Nice 16.5" whacked the jerkbait as i paused it, that fish just about had the whole thing in it's mouth.

We had a comfortable morning, wasn't that chilly as the last few days. We also had some nice cloud cover keeping the sun from poking threw and warming things up. After i caught the 16.5" we had a very nice breeze start to pick up. Which made for a nice chop along the susqy's surface, i thought to myself "maybe i should pick up the spinnerbait rod?" It didn't take me 2 seconds and my favorite spinnerbait went in search of some smallmouths. Might've thrown it for 10 minutes, made a cast and just burned the 1/2oz SB under the surface. All of a sudden it just got "CRUSHED" by a huge smallie!! My daughter even commented "that fish is huge", she said "that fish really wanted it". I worked this smallie to the boat and talked Kayla threw on netting the fish. We worked together and landed one of the heaviest 18" smallies I may have ever caught! Sure ranks up there as one of my best that's for sure!

Wasn't that long after releasing the "Hefty 18", got back to work burning the blade. Had another pretty colored 18 come up and boil on it. This fish had beautiful coloring compared to the big smallie i had the day before.

Sure felt great to have a good day on the water. I know guys have had better days with number's, but i was happy to put 5 legal smallies into the boat today. Also, had several fish under the 15" which is great to see in my opinion! Heck i even had my eye's closed praying for one more legal smallie. This was my 5th legal smallie of the day and it took me till almost 1:00-1:30 to put her in the boat!

Thanks again Tom for spending the day with my kids and I. Always have a great time out on the water with ya. Let's hook-up again soon!!

My Response...

I had a great day with Tyler. At first, I thought he was going to pull another "Josh" on me. He had 3 fish on tubes before I knew what had happened... I must be getting old!

We hit a spot that was successful for us earlier in the week and picked up only two 13-14" smallies on tubes. The water was nice and clear and we fished ledges from 2'-6' in depth.

The water temp was a cool 68.5 degrees when we started at 7:30 a.m. In the early afternoon and a bit further downriver, we had a water temperature reading of 70 degrees.

We were fishing some pronounced ledges around 1:00 p.m. near a chute and started noticing fish rising to take insects on a hatch. Hmmmmmm... "Are these carp or what?" We decided to toss a few tubes in the direction of the rises and "Whack!" Tyler called out, "I got one!" In an instant I yell, "Me, too!" Yep, we had a double header going (see pic above).

Tyler told me he never had a situation like that happen when he was out fishing... Seeing rising bass and then finesse fishing around them to get a bite. Cool beans! We hit four bass this way in a matter of a few minutes. Nothing big, but loads of fun.

In this same general area, Tyler laid into a nice 17" walleye (see pic above). He told me again that the walleye was his first big one on the river! This teenager was on a roll today.

We ended the day with about 10 bass and "No Skunk!" Yea!!! :) It would have been a long swim back to the ramp for Tyler had he succeeded to "Josh" me. He was warned!

Steve, thanks for giving me the opportunity to have Tyler on board with me today. I believe that I had such a terrible night's sleep because I was so excited anticipating my day with Tyler. I can for certain that no matter how old I get, I'm still a young at heart when it comes to getting excited about a pending fishing trip with a great friends.

Having Tyler along today made my "marathon fishing week" one fantastic adventure.