Saturday, September 26, 2009

SE Winds Are Not Fun! Susquehanna RIver 09_26_09

Josh was looking for a partner to ride along this morning for a few hours and I forced myself to go out on the river for another trip... ;)

It was 49 degrees this morning and the SE winds started low and built to a constant 15 mph. Of course! Josh hates the wind and especially southern winds of any kind. There was quite a chop on the open water runs... bang, bang, bang! Things were bouncing all over the boat... arrrggghhhh!

By the time we returned to the ramp, the wind was really whipping and the air temp had only risen to a balmy 58 degrees. The wind chill was something else!

Our morning started on mid-river ledges. I had a nice 'hit and miss' on a Pointer 100 after about 50 casts... LOL! Josh threw both the Pointer 78 and a tube. He thinks he may have had one munch down on the tube, but the bite has been so soft lately it was hard to tell. (huh!)

We made several stops in the next 2 hours w/o a single taker until we decided to run a bit further north. In the meantime, I had tied on a brown crawdad pattern Rebel Wee R. When we arrived at the new hole, I had a 15.25" take it off the backside of the first ledge... Finally, a decent fish!

Now, the ice was broke and the skunk was gone from the boat. However, we didn't see another fish come to hand for at least another hour. During that time, we made two more stops... one being the latrine at one of the local accesses. LOL! Look who's truck and trailer we came across in the parking lot. Bet you can't guess who it belongs to... :D

Old Crow

Our 'post-potty stop' yielded Josh a beautiful 14" smallie that was gorging itself with small crayfish. It already had two stuffed down it's gullet when it took Josh's tube... gluttonous, fer shure! Gotta love fall!

He picked up another 14" bass in the same general vicinity. It had been awhile since I caught that 15 inch bass and I was getting a bit worried when I finally caught a much smaller bass.

Finally, this fat momma was brought to the boat...
16 1/8th on a tube above TP east shoreline

She measured in at 16 1/8th inch and fell for a nice mudpie tube offering... Yes, finally!

Josh had a pig roast to attend this afternoon and we had to leave by noon.

It was another trying day on the water. The Harrisburg, Pa. gauge read 3.23' which is very skinny water! His boat gets us places that my bigger G3 would not. That tunnel hull is a good deal during levels like this.

There were a few other boats on the water, but not a lot. The weatherman was calling for rain by the afternoon and maybe the reason that kept some anglers at home on such a beautiful (windy) Saturday morning.