Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Susquehanna River with the smallieman 07/07/09

We tried again to get me my first fish after this darn elbow surgery. We met a bit earlier (4:15 a.m.) and headed to the shed where Josh stores his jet rig. The dew was playing games with us this morning and Josh's LED lights. The moisture was not allowing the ground to happen. After a few adjustments, the lights lit, and we were off to breakfast at the greasy spoon.

We got to the ramp around 5:40 a.m. and launched the G3. We have a certain grass bed that we like to hit in the morning and today, unlike Sunday, it yielded us a nice, but small, bass and this monster! (Keep in mind... Jsh is like 6'4" tall)


We didn't get a length, but we did get the weight at 6 lbs. 5 oz. of mean channel cattie. Josh nailed this fish alongside the grass bed on a tube.

We traveled north to another favorite destination and I was lucky enough to catch this nice 16.5" smallie on a tube.


It felt good after 3 weeks to finally catch and feel the pull of a beautiful smallmouth on my line. I had to utilize both hands to guide and reel this fish to the boat because my right arm is still rather week. Josh even helped me get the tube out of her mouth. It was stuck pretty good into the upper lip... Thanks, Josh!

Up to that point, I had the largest smallie. It lasted a whole two minutes when Josh got "lucky".... LOL! ;)


What a beautiful 19.25" smallie. She also was caught using a tube in moving water. That dang Josh can't even let an old man have his moment. It was like I retied and he had this pigbeast on... Lucky, I tell ya!

The day was a bit better than Sunday, but the fishing was still rather slow. We had 6 bass in all but 6 hours of fishing.

The water was still a bit off color in many areas, but was much better than on Sunday. There were spots of clean water, but not the gin clear water we've come to expect in July. The east bank was still dirtier than the west. The water level in Harrisburg, Pa. was ~4.5 and dropping slowly. The water temp was only in the mid to upper 70's and the air temp was 63 when we launched.

It was a bit overcast after a crystal clear, full moon lit night. The clouds hung around most the morning and really rolled in around noon. The early morning weather report called for variable winds, but it really kicked up around lunchtime. It was hitting us from the WNW and probably pushing 15-20 mph.

Not many anglers on the water today. There was only one boat trailer in the parking lot when we arrived and about three other when we returned.

Thanks, Josh, for a great day and for helping an invalid land his first smallie after surgery!