Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Bash and Splash

Four summers ago, I started what I now call the "Bash and Splash" pool/picnic parties. We orginally called them the "4P's" or "The Pa. Posse Pool Party" in reference to a group of fishing buddies from Pa. Many of the original Pa. Posse have gone their own ways, but several have remained strong.

I did this as a big "Thank You" for all the support and encouragement my friends gave me as I went through my bi-lateral hip replacements and other arthritis assoc. surgeries. I have some very good friends who take the time and effort to actually have pushed me in wheelchairs around outdoor shows and rowed me on rafting trips w/o expecting anything in return. Even today, many of my local fishing buddies assist me during fishing outings.

There are some true friends who understood that such surgeries are only temporary solutions for those experiencing degenerative disease. They understand that folks with degenerative arthritic diseases need support in order to maintain certain outdoor activities. This requires a true friend who is dedicated and understanding. That's a rare bird in today's world.

This past Saturday, my family assisted me in the "2009 Bash and Splash". We started planning this party about three months ago and sent out a couple of dates to friends to chose from. The July 11th date suited the majority and the date was set.

We actually invited about 10 more fishing buddies and their families, but due to life and schedules, we ended up with 5 buddies and their wives attending.

Here are several pics I took while cooking on the grill...

Here's the pool all ready for our guests
2009 Bash & Splash

Cooking the burgers and doggies
2009 Bash & Splash

Some of the folks gathered around and shooting the breeze
2009 Bash & Splash

Fishing buds in attendance... Tim and Pete Hanford, Al Winco, Mike Burton, and Josh Kreider.

Thanks to their loved ones for putting up with a bunch of old farts telling fishing tales and having a good time! And a special thanks to my family for allowing their old man and chance to express his appreciation to a group of great people!