Friday, June 19, 2009

Elbow Surgery Pics

It's a week out from my elbow surgery and it's doing pretty well. This coming Tuesday, I'll have my first follow-up visit and my sutures will be removed. I've been able to shower and softly pat the arthroscopic incisions dry with a towel... It feels so good to do so.

It is a bit itchy because it's healing and my arm hair is growing back.

Today, I was able to do some house work. I mowed the grass with both the push mower and riding mower, washed the clothes, and vacuumed the first floor of all my yellow lab hair (a ton).

I spent Monday - Thursday at the Penn Manor Basketball Camp. I kept my arm in the sling most the time. There was a lot of humidity on Monday and Thursday, so the arm came out a few times to breath.

Here are a couple of pics of my elbow as of June 19, 2009.


You can see a bit of the surgeon's artwork on this photo.

Altogether, I have six incisions. Five have one suture a piece and the sixth has two. It's funny because I was told by a tech that I had four incisions the day after the surgery. I found a fifth on Wednesday when I took my first shower and yet another today when I really took the time to examine the entire area.