Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Hello Folks,

It was a beautiful sunny day here in south central Pennsylvania. We've had such horrible weather across the nation this week. From plane accidents to deaths caused by avalanches, this has been one crazy start to the winter of 2008-2009!

My fishing is on hold temporarily until the Susquehanna River begins to fall. The recent rains have caused our river to rise dramatically over the past week. There's plenty of water now to allow us all to navigate anywhere we desire, but the river is so high that it would be extremely difficult to fish it effectively, at least in most places. The eddies would be pushed into the shore and shortened. Despite the delay, I'm sure that there will be some great fishing opportunities coming soon.

I was able to get out a couple of weeks ago to duck hunt with my buddy, Pete. I never fired a single shot. We did see several groupings of mixed ducks, but they were too far off for me to get a decent shot with the shells I use.

The season will last until mid-January. Maybe I'll be able to get out at least once or twice more over the next few weeks.

I did receive some nice gifts for fishing on Christmas Day. Not only was it Christmas, but I also celebrated my birthday. I received a very nice ultra-lite spinning reel and tackle bag from one of my sons. Another of my sons gave me a $100 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops. Finally, my middle brother gave me a nice $50 gift certificate to the Susquehanna Fish and Tackle shop here in Lancaster, Pa.

I think I will now be set for financing my tackle for the coming year!

I hope each and everyone who reads this simple blog of mine a "Very Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!"