Saturday, December 27, 2008

B-Ball Season 2009

Hey Folks,

Over the past two years, I've been volunteering my time to help assist the coaches at the junior high level for the Penn Manor School District in Millersville, Pa.

This is the district I work in for over 23 years as a middle school counselor. All three of my sons attended school in the district. I had coached both baseball and softball during their youth. Now I've returned as a volunteer to give back something to the community.

I will sit with the 9th grade squad and keep stats for Coach Dell Jackson and act as assistant bench coach. During practice, I helped the 7th grade coach in the selection of players. We had 29 students try out and we could only take 13! That was tough. I help all three levels in shooting from the field and foul shooting.

I find that a lot of growth is determined on whether the player has the desire to listen to the voice of wisdom and practice what he is taught. Not all players fall into that category. site has our Freshman Penn Manor squad. I'm on the left side of the team holding my drill Sargent's stance... "At Ease!" There are a ton of pictures available from numerous area school teams on this site. All are available for purchase... Cool!

Take care and Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve Celebration!