Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recent Bass and a Blast from the Past

I will be using this blog as a tool to show the world some of my most memorable fishing adventures. These adventures have provided me with a ton of good pictures of beautiful smallmouth bass that have all been released back into the waterways to live another day... Catch, Photo, and Release.

I will begin this new adventure by uploading several smallies that I caught this past week. I hope you find the beauty in these fish as I have. My love started at the age of seven and has grown ever since. I'm now fifty-three years old... That's why all my friends call me 'dad'.

Here's a great pic of a 19" smallie I caught on Lake Aldred (Susquehanna River.


A 20.5" smallmouth caught on a Cotton Cordell Super Spot on 08_08_08. A lucky date, for sure!


Thought you might like to see the biggest smallmouth I ever caught in my life... a 23.75" James River Smallie... Just Beautiful!