Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Received MRI Copy Disc Today - November 3, 2015

Hello Folks,

I was able to take a trike ride this past week before I went into the health campus to get my MRI on Friday evening. I received the MRI copy today but have yet to hear from Dr. Marotti's office regarding what the plan is as a follow-up to this MRI.

I will continue to keep you updated as I hear more news.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

p.s. I picked up a "Nutcase Helmet" in Black Matte (L) off of Amazon, a pair of warm bicycle ear muffs from Nutcase, and a bicycle tool kit. I had an Alien II bicycle tool kit when I bought my SUN bicycle, but I must have forgotten to remove it from my bike or carrying case when I sold it (Dang!)... The one I just bought off of Amazon was retailed priced at $50.00 and I picked it up on a great sale for only $10.00... The reduced price took a bit of the sting out of not finding my last tool kit.

I also got into the "Susquehanna Fishing Tackle" shop yesterday and picked up two "Chatter Baits (Elites)" and some "Innovations - Little Dipper" trailers with the $25 Christmas (2014) gift certificate from my middle brother, Jim.