Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Ride With Mike"... September 12, 2015

Hello Folks,

As you have noticed, my fishing days have dropped significantly since I sold my G3 1860 DLX with the Yamaha 115/80 mod-V boat this past March. Since then, I have picked up my physical activity by peddling my recumbent Catrike trike. I have been riding on the Susquehanna River Trail at the Enola Low Grade Trail and the Northwest Trail between Marietta and Bainbridge, Pa.

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, a group of us peddled (bicycles and trikes) from Rohrerstown, Pa. to the Lancaster (Pa.) Square... a 7.2 mile round-trip. We left from the "Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster" at 10:00 a.m. and returned by noon. We had a registration period in the morning and food available for us upon our return... Thanks to Scott Barrows and his wife for setting this up this ride.

It was the first time I peddled my trike on the city streets. The river trail doesn't have many grades to it, but city streets do. I started the ride towards the front and ended by in the rear... LOL! I basically peddle with my strong right leg and my replaced knee leg (left) follows along. I am peddling with one leg... Not bad for a 60 year old kid. :)

Mike King was involved in a motorcycle accident over thirty years ago and after recovery, he pushed his wheelchair from Fairbanks, Alaska to Washington, D.C. During his ride, he passed through the city of Lancaster along the route that we took during our recent ride... This was the "30th Anniversary" of his ride...

We are currently doing a "Virtual Ride" following Mike's route from Fairbanks, Alaska to Washington, D.C. and back... A donor recently stepped in and offered a $1.00 per mile for our return trip up to $5,000... What a nice move on their part. We have already passed by Chicago on our return back to Fairbanks.

Things have been rather difficult on me this past summer... I am doing my best to stay positive as I continue to stay healthy despite all that I am dealing with physically. I recently was offered to participate in a study involving N.A.S.H. Cirrhosis at the Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Md. but I decided against it because of the amount of time involved and it is a blind study. Which means that I could put a year's worth of time into the study without ever receiving the medication intended to improve my condition... It wasn't an easy decision, but I feel I made the correct one for me and my family.

Take care and Be Safe!