Friday, May 8, 2015

Music Anyone? (05/08/15)

Hello Folks,

This may be a little bit off of my typical "fishing blog" entry, but my life has been improved greatly by music. I wonder how many of my "Fishing With Dad", FB Family, and Friends knew or remember Micky Sinopoli?

Micky Sinopoli introduced me to the joy of playing the accordion many, many years ago. Mickey was known as the premier accordion player in Lancaster, Pa. My two older brothers, Denny and Jim, also started their music adventures with the accordion and Mickey. I still remember wanting to play the piano, but our family couldn't afford a standup piano. If only we would have had "electronic keyboards" like we do in today's world, I may have never been introduced to the accordion and Micky Sinopoli. 

I moved on to playing trombone in third/fourth grade (?) with Mr. Bromhall. I attended Burrowes Elementary School in Lancaster Township, Pa. during that time and would take a bus to Buchanan Elementary School once a week for band practice... We had a weekly lesson at Burrowes, also. I continued with trombone in Lancaster Township Junior High and on to J.P. McCaskey with Mr. Don Trostle. My weekly lessons continued with Mr. Trostle during high school.

After college, I picked up the trombone again and played with "The Sound of Roses" for awhile until I studied the bass and six-string guitar with Joe Goff. I also had guitar lessons with Bill and later with Trey Alexander at the Music Mansion off of Rt. 999. Back in the 1980's I took keyboard lessons from Gaye (Albright) Mentzer. I eventually began to play a keyboard with both hands... LOL!

I have always considered myself a lucky soul to have had such a great list of music instructors throughout my life... Learning to play a musical instrument(s) has been a joy and I would highly recommend it to anyone no matter what age or personal ability.

Take Care and Be Safe!