Monday, January 5, 2015

First Trip of 2015 with Josh Kreider and Dad (01/05/15)

Hello Folks,

Although it was our first fishing trip of the year 2015, it was the last trip for Josh's 1860 DLX G3... Yepper, Josh is writing yet another chapter in his boat ownership book! In the past few months, I've been keeping you updated as bloggers on Josh's "Rock Proof Boat" being built by Brent Kaufman.

After fishing on Friday, January 2, 2015 out of Amity Hall on the Juniata River, we made a quick visit over to "Rock Proof Boat"  . The air temperature was quite cold at 28 degrees and the river temperature ran from 32.7 to 34 degrees. Not only had the river temperature dropped nearly ten degrees over the past week, but it also has dropped considerably on the Juniata River. We only caught a few quillbacks using 1/8th oz. black and blue hairjigs...

 photo 63b713c9-4475-4fbd-9a16-151415add231_zps4fb2e1c3.jpg

Boy... I look awful tired with those bags under my eyes. It was my first trip using the new red jacket. My old white jacket had finally worn itself out over the years. In fact, the waterproofing outer shell was chipping away... It was a very useful jacket, but I was concerned that I would get awfully wet if it happened to rain while out on a cold wintery day.

Josh had a few other hits and misses, but we weren't sure if they were other quillbacks or smallmouth bass.  This area had been productive prior to the temperature and water level drop.

This next picture shows Dad "trailering" Josh's G3 for the very last time. Josh had just backed the G3 Bear Trailer down the Amity Hall ramp using his brand new 2014 Dodge Ram truck... The new Dodge Ram is a beautiful glossy black.

 photo f2ce8147-e691-4720-b7b0-9acaf899ceca_zps5f3c74fa.jpg

After our cold trip on the Juniata River, we took a nice warm drive to "Rock Proof Boats" to visit with Brent Kaufman and see Josh's new jet rig. The primer is now on and they are awaiting the arrival of his glossy black paint ... Josh's "Rock Proof Boat" and his new Dodge Ram will definitely be a matching set... :)

Check out some of the pictures of what has been done to the "Rock Proof Boat" as of January 2, 2015...

"Rock Proof Boat" Bow
 photo 8f2bceba-cf00-41f3-a426-6cd1cf8bd760_zpsf630b6e8.jpg

One of Two Rod Lockers
 photo 77975b1f-6332-47e9-9a4f-bd4cd2dbd376_zps6d88f86d.jpg

Rear Storage
 photo 4b9115fe-0837-433c-9b4f-ace2c320654b_zps33b5986a.jpg

Side View of the Entire Boat
 photo 40659d3a-0db6-410b-90cf-b344e0e2019c_zps1372349c.jpg

"Rock Proof Boat" Galvanized Trailer with Diamond Plate Walkways
 photo cc1c4363-2c60-4f5f-a3fd-6ca3d4ecdfdb_zps006f8685.jpg

The 2015 Yamaha 115/80 should be ready to be mounted in the next two weeks. Josh will be contacting JC Nuss at Lakeside Marine this week to let him know that the motor and cables needs to be ready for his rig... I can just imagine how excited Josh is right now. On the way home, he said that he can't wait to have that beautiful "Rock Proof Boat" sitting in his garage... We joked that the rivers will all be frozen just when his boat is completed... LOL!

Take Care and Be Safe!

p.s. Please keep the missing 17 year old and his family in your prayers. He has been missing since December 2, 2014. He has gone missing now for the past 35 days. The rescue crews attempted to re-enact what happened on the day that he went missing. They are surely concerned about the river freezing over this coming week. Weather reports are predicting 1" to 3" of snow tomorrow. Anyone fishing or hunting along the Susquehanna River from the New Cumberland launch south, please keep an eye peeled for any clues that may help rescue crews determine his whereabouts.