Thursday, July 31, 2014

Susquehanna Flats/Havre De Grace, Md... Solo Trip (2) )7/30/14

Hello Folks,

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, I took an early trip to the Susquehanna Flats to fish "Furnace Bay" and the grasses that grow there. I arrived at 6:00 a.m. and took my dear sweet time prepping the G3 for launching. I filled out the launch pass and got the jet rig all set up for fishing the long morning.

Low Tide was 6:54 a.m. and High Tide will be coming in by 12:34 p.m. I had the entire incoming tide today!

Mud Shows at Low Tide by the Ramp of the "City Yacht Basin"
 photo 32a83d91-2e30-41c1-91f4-bacc788e694f_zps3a9afca2.jpg

It was a very cool 52 degree morning air temperature when I left home in The Village of West Willow. The air temperature only rose to 74 degrees by late afternoon when we even went swimming with the neighbor boys ay 4:00 p.m..

The water temperature was in the mid-70s and the clarity was quite clear. Take note to the picture below... There are a combination of both hydrilla and eel grasses in Furnace Bay. Just like on the main Flats, the hydrilla grass is choking out the eel grass and pulling it up from the roots. Then the grass floats in big clumps on the surface. This can create quite a difficult situation for fishing without fouling up your lure.

Grasses of The Susquehanna Flats
 photo 9108cd04-502a-4699-ab85-e745e418b788_zps68e59d30.jpg

The Furnace Bay is just off the shoreline of Perry Point VA Hospital site and it's beautiful grounds. I saw a canoeist and a kayak angler both launching from this well-cared for primitive launch which is just to the right of the (Furnace Bay) Perry Point in the picture below...

Furnace Bay - Perry Point at the VA Hospital
 photo ad14a463-6ae0-4b42-b61f-1c60767c63e6_zps6b3aa673.jpg

In my final picture for the day, I took a shot of four mature eagles as they flew just above the tree line by the far shore. The problem I had was that my cell phone camera only zooms in at 4X and I could only see a blur of one of the four large talon birds of prey. It's so nice seeing this many live symbols of the United States of America flying together over the waterway. As a I was growing  up during my teen years, the pesticide DDT was weakening the egg shells of our mighty eagles and the little ones were not being born before their shells were destroyed. But EPA was able to stop the destruction before permanent damage had taken place.

Far Shoreline of Furnace Bay
 photo 19a0e074-0f95-4cbd-b25a-c2532f28a875_zps4865bbad.jpg

The birds were flying towards the middle of this picture, but I could only pick out one that was quite blurred.

I had numerous blow-ups on buzzbaits, Frogs, and a Yamamoto 5" on a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and a 1/8th oz worm weight. Only two small largemouth took the lures... Not big enough to take pictures of as small as they were.

What I enjoy doing while fishing on the water is being able to communicate with friends. Using text messages, I can find out what may or may not be hot at the locations I am currently fishing. It's good to have angling friends who can share and keep secrets by using discretion.

I am enjoying using my "Boat License". Yesterday, while on the water, Jeff B (CHARGD) wrote to me and said that he now has his Saltwater Registration numbers now and can join me on The Flats when I head to Maryland. I am looking forward to our first trip together on The Flats.

My neighbor boys have been lately fishing for blue gill to take along while fishing for the Flatheads down on Lake Aldred (Susquehanna River)... Our 'home waters. They went back to the Pequea Launch last evening to Flathead fish. I'm not sure how they did...

I'll be heading down to the Chesapeake Bay soon... Keep an eye out for my next visit. I know Josh and Jeff will be with me real soon...

Take Care and Be Safe!