Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dad Update 02/04/14

Hello Folks,

We are having a historical winter this year, for sure! Currently, Lancaster, Pa. holding at the fifth most snowfall in recorded history. Philadelphia, Pa. is pushing on to their second highest snow fall in recorded history. The last I heard from Philly was that they only needed 6 more inches of snow to hit that mark and we just had snow fall this past weekend. I don't think that they had the 6 inches needed, though.

Josh Kreider (Smallieman) and I are planning a North Branch, Susquehanna River trip in late April, 2014. Because of poor past weather and my numerous past surgeries and procedures, we haven't been able to fish the North Branch in nearly two seasons!

Josh will be contacting our favorite hotel in hopes of getting a room. The last time we did this, we had to find another place to stay due to all the "fracking" going on in Bradford County and workers taking up available rooms. But from what we are currently hearing, oil work has slowed to a crawl up there and we should be able to find a room this early Spring.

I got the go ahead this past week to return to PT for my left knee revision from Dr. Marotti's (neurosurgeon) office. I had my spinal fusion on December 3, 2013 and that put my knee PT on hold for over three months. I had lost about 8 degrees in knee extension before my back fusion. But now I have lost nearly 28 degrees and my knee is really, really tight.

I saw my knee surgeon, Dr. Parrish, today and he is sending me to "Drayer PT". He said that they have an orthopedic bicycle that will allow someone with my loss of extension to work on peddling... Cool deal! I will begin PT once again this coming Friday. I filled out all the necessary paperwork for PT just before jumping on the computer to write this blog entry.

It seems like so much is happening around me and I have been unable to participate. For example, there was a Fly Fishing Convention in Lancaster, Pa. this past weekend and Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas both started their fishing promotions this past weekend.

Next weekend, the "Susquehanna Fishing Tackle" (SFT) will have their "Cabin Fever Sale" and "HawgHeads Bait and Tackle" will be having their Spring Sales. It seems like Spring should be here, but we have been stuck in so much snow and cold weather that it has been impossible to get out fishing for me. I know that Jeff B (CHRGD) and Penny have been on the Susquehanna River once so far and several other friends have been fishing from the shorelines where water is flowing.

March 20, 2014 will bring Springtime and the Earth will start to turn on it's axis. This coming weekend, Daylight Savings Time (DST) will take place and we will be getting an extra hour of daylight... Remember to "Leap Ahead!"

I want to thank all my blog visitors for sticking by me as I heal and strengthen myself t get back on the water. Things have been very difficult for me this winter with not only the recovery of my spinal surgery, but also because of the Gastroparesis I have been experiencing. I never know whether I will wake up feeling sick or not each day. But I believe that if I can get to PT and start to strengthen myself once again, things will start to improve.

Take Care and Be Safe!