Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fishing Reports and Postings? (09/01/13)

Hello Folks,

It's been four full days since I had my spinal ablations done and I must say that I can definitely feel a difference. I no longer have the continuous lower back pain that would be there 24/7. In fact, I had one of my best night's sleep the second evening after the ablations. I truly cannot remember the last time I felt as rested as I did on the morning of Friday (Aug. 30, 2013). What I do know is that my outlook on life made a drastic improvement that morning and I felt hope once more. Living without hope of ever experiencing life without severe pain on a daily basis is one terrible thing.

Now, to the title of my Blog entry... "Fishing Reports and Postings?"

I have often wondered what motivates each of us to write fishing reports and postings. I will not even attempt to discuss the reasons others may write. I will, however, describe why I have, in the past and present, written reports and made posts.

I started many years ago, during the 1990s, with a promotional website that Hiromi Nishikigi, an internet friend from Chiba, Japan, developed for me as part of my Susquehanna River bass guiding service - Tom Boyd's Susquehanna Bassin'

Surprisingly, that old Comcast website is "still alive" and can be viewed. (Click above)

I met Hiromi on the now defunct AOL fishing website forum that brought many anglers together from all parts of the world. I met so many bass anglers on that incredible site... Pretty cool for the 1990s!

Hiromi developed my website in HTML code as gift of freindship. By reviewing his HTML code and figuring out over time how to write my own daily reports, add pictures, and create lists, my website eventually took form.

So, my original purpose for writing reports and making posts was to help get my name out there for my guide business on the Susquehanna River. I eventually ended my guiding business after three seasons because I felt I strong need to concentrate more on my competitive angling.

As time passed, I started to experience a great amount of physical pain in my hips due to degenerative arthritis. I was raising a family of three very active sons, working full-time as a middle school counselor, and competing almost every weekend in a club, District 3, Pa. B.A.S.S. state, or local "Open" event. Life was hectic, for sure.

It was time for me to take care of myself and my ailing hips. I actually started physically falling down because the bony mass of spurs on both my femur and pelvic socket were "locking" in place as I would turn to walk. The orthopedic surgeon told me that it would only get worse with time. So in 2005, at the age of 49, I had bi-lateral hip replacements - a month apart (November and December). I continued to fish competitively for another year or so after I healed.

As I continued to age, the degenerative arthritis began to show up in other parts of my body... wrists, elbows, knees, and spine. I was also diagnosed with on-set diabetes (40s) and liver disease (early-50s). Life was becoming more and more difficult and I finally, with the suggestion of my surgeons and family physician, decided to retire from pubic education and concentrate on stabilizing my health.

I have been questioned by some who read my reports whether my doctor is aware that I fish as often as I do. The answer to that question is a resounding, "Yes". In fact, every one of my surgeons, specialists, and family physicians have highly recommended that I stay as active as possible. After each of my surgical procedures, my physical and occupational therapists have attempted to get me back to my normal daily activities as soon as possible.

So, initially, I would say that my reports and posts in the 1990s were to promote my guide business. After my business ended, I wrote to share with others what I experienced on the river and what I found successful while bass fishing.

Big fish, small fish, one fish, or a hundred fish... Fishing has always been fun!

Take Care and Be Safe!