Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just A Quick "Hello"... 06/08/13

Hello Folks,

After my granddaughter's first dance recital today, Julie, Zach, and I took a little ride to the Willow Street "House of Pizza" for an early supper. It was rather quiet at the HOP and we were working together on the newspaper puzzles when I noticed a young man ordering a pizza.

I whispered to my family that this fellow had a "BASS" patch on his left sleeve and was wearing a fishing jersey. As he was picking up his pizza, I asked him who did he fish with. He mentioned that he had a club tourney on the flats today and caught lunker and placed... "Good job!"

His lunker went at 5.6+ lbs... Great job!

My family went outside and allowed me to talk with him for awhile. We knocked a few names from District 3 around and talked about fishing tidal waters, in general. It was nice having someone to talk "bass fishing" with for a few moments this afternoon.

I mentioned that I fished years back with the "Lancaster County Hawg Hunters" in District 3 and stopped competing once I started having my joints replaced.. He mentioned that he was following me and showed me that he had a "boot" on his one foot. Take care of yourself and maybe you'll fare well in the coming years.

Despite my numerous surgeries due to arthritis, I still haven't stopped fishing and told him I was just out for my first solo fishing trip on the Conowingo Pond this past Wednesday evening. 

I asked him if he knew Mike Burton and he said that he did. Mike Burton and I were on the Upper Flats a few weeks ago. (Scroll Down To Blog Entry From Wednesday, May 22, 2013 )

It was a pleasure talking with a fellow bass angler and I wish him luck if he fishes in the PA. BASS District 3 Gunpowder Tournament tomorrow, June 9th.

I invited him to come visit "Fishing With Dad" on the web. It's always good having a fellow angler visit and share.

Take Care and Be Safe!