Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soaring With Eagles On The Susquehanna River (04/30/13)

Hello Folks,

Jeff (CHRGD) and Penny sent me some great eagle photos from their recent Saturday outing. The fishing wasn't too hot, but the eagles gave them plenty of action to take shots of...

A mature bald eagle rest upon some Lower Susquehanna River mid-river boulders...

 photo fb3e5bd3-36f0-4c71-949b-5c0cdc543f02_zps4eacb8e7.jpg

 photo 8ab23b4e-9ed1-4117-be28-c608255bd9bc_zpsc843dddc.jpg

 photo 42fc5295-cc03-469d-9fb6-705a4e5892e4_zps1d8344e6.jpg

 photo 6b07b9e0-dc5e-4452-9871-1a86db5fe30b_zpscd354711.jpg

A second eagle takes flight against the backdrop of trees...

 photo ec917f8a-e970-47d9-b647-4a1691f407f4_zps9f8d5ce7.jpg

 photo 1fe4662d-d68c-44ef-a2cc-146cf09a78ae_zpsa2608eac.jpg

Jeff was a bit disappointed that he didn't have his better camera on board when they came across these eagles. That's usually how it happens, though. When you least expect it, an opportunity presents itself. I think that they are pretty good shots, Jeff!

The weekend wasn't a complete smallmouth bust. Jeff and Penny did catch a few bass including this hearty 17+ smallie brought to hand by a 1/2 oz. spinnerbait.
  photo 848d874e-e8b4-4dc0-838a-d97ea60120fe_zps8813d426.jpg

Check out the girth on this beauty. Good catch, Jeff!

Take Care and Be Safe!