Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy Weekend On and Off The Water (03/18/13)

Hello Folks,

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle of Lancaster, Pa. held their annual March "Cabin Fever Sale" this past weekend. Julie and I attended Dave Shindler's seminar on "Smallmouth Fishing On The Susquehanna River" at 6:30 p.m. Friday night and Pete Gluszek's "Bass Angling" seminar at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. That's right, I dragged myself out of the house two days in a row to listen to talks on smallmouth and bass angling.

After Friday night's seminar, Julie and I made our way to the shop for some door prize drawings and ran into fellow angler, Dennis. I had met Dennis twice before... Once at the "Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show" (ESOS) and a second time at a local fishing ramp when Dennis' buddy was having some motor trouble. Dennis mentioned that I had offered to help them, but that his buddy was able to get the motor up and running.

When I got to the shop, Dennis looked at me and said, "Are you Tom Boyd?" "Yes sir, that's me." He proceeded to tell me how I was an inspiration to his girlfriend, Jeanne. Dennis had shown Jeanne my writings about all of my joint replacements and the ups and downs I had experienced with them.

Jeanne had a knee replacement that didn't go so well. It turned out that she was allergic to the nickel that was used in some of her knee replacement parts. She had to travel to the Hershey Medical Center and have a patch test done to determine what she was allergic to... That would have been a scarey situation, in my opinion!

So, I would like to make a shout out to both Dennis and Jeanne. I am glad to hear that there are those who read "Fishing With Dad" and can relate to some of my life experiences. I wish Jeanne all the luck in the world as she moves on with her new replaced knee... Without Nickel!

Penny and Jeff made a weekend run to the river and were met by Mother Nature. Take a look at this video that they sent me...

I can only remember once or twice in my years of fishing where we had sleet. One was at a Pa. B.A.S.S. "Mr. Bass" tournament held out of Smallwood State Park on the Potomac River. Before we launched our big rigs, the decks were completely covered in sleet. That was one cold morning running 60 mph on the river!

I was informed that the NASS bass club had another weekend tournament. The results were quite different after the rains we had this past week raised the Susquehanna River levels to above 8' at the Harrisburg gauge. Last weekend, the river gauge read 4.4'. That would be a 4 foot rise in only a few days.

This weekday rise and swift current moved the smallies out of the comfort of their wintering holes and towards the shallow banks. Areas that held only a few bass last weekend, had turned on and some anglers caught as many as 40 bass along the shorelines. Those who went back to the winter did not fare as well.

Another change was that the crayfish had emerged from their winter mud homes and provided an ample food source for these migrating smallies.

Thanks to Dennis for saying hello to Julie and me at SFT on both Friday night and Saturday morning.

I would also like to thank Jeff and Penny for the video. Watching it even made dad cold!

Take Care and Be Safe!

p.s. How many of you heard about  Mike Iaconelli's  boating accident this past week?  (Click and See)