Monday, September 24, 2012

When The Water Rises... Move North! (09/24/12)

Hello Folks,

We got a few inches of rainfall last week and the river rose to about 4.09' in Harrisburg, Pa. Most of the summer, we had levels that were around 3.2'... LOW! Now that the river has risen some, it is a lot easier to take a jet rig onto the water from Harrisburg, Pa.  and north. And that's what Jeff and Penny did this past weekend.

They also did a little dragging and scratching to get in and around some of the fishing holes.

Most die-hard smallmouth anglers in this part of Pennsylvania will invest in a "Sit In" (SI) or Sit On Top" (SOT) kayak and then outfit them for fishing. Back in the day, we didn't have ready to go angler versions of the kayak. But in today's world, many companies are now producing angler kayaks. The one thing I liked about our "yaks of yore" were that we designed them according to our fishing style... rod holders, tackle baskets, anchors, etc. And one thing that we always kept in mind was... Safety First! 

But after I had my hand/wrist surgery and then two elbow surgeries, I sold my last two yaks and settled to ride in my jet rig. I hated departing from my kayaks... I owned four in my life as a kayak angler. Three yaks were SITs ( 2 Wilderness Pamlico 120s and a Perception Swifty 9') and one was a Wilderness Tarpon 100 (10')... I loved the feeling of "closeness" to the water and shooting the rapids and hitting the chutes... Cool Beans!

Jeff and Penny sent a couple of pics to me from their trip north...



Jeff sent me this nest video from the HIA area... "Bombs Away!"

The USA Air National Guard has hangers at the HIA and do training and practice landings at HIA. In fact, the Presidential staff brings the Air Force One up to HIA and does practice landings. That is a site to behold! You are lucky if you happen to be in the area when they are doing this... rare to see.

Another buddy of mine, Steveifish or Steveinpa, was fishing this general area today with his son, Tyler. They had a fun day and caught several bass on spinnerbaits... Good job, guys!

Take Care and Be Safe!

Congratulations to Mike and Becky Iaconelli as they prepare to deliver another child today!