Monday, September 17, 2012

Several More Pictures From Recent Fishing Trips (09/17/12)

Hello Folks,

Last week, Jeff B (CHRGD) and I made a fishing trip onto Lake Aldred. we had a fantastic day on the water, but there were a couple of pictures that we took that didn't make it into the fishing blog report. These pics were discovered on my phone and Jeff's camera soon after I published the "Smoke On The Water" blog...

I really like the following pic that Jeff took when he entered the parking lot at the PPL/Holtwood York Furnance Boat Launch... Eerie, yet beautiful.


We stopped along side a mid-river island under a bluebird sky for a short lunch break around 11:30 am... In the shade, of course.


This section of the river has such beautiful scenery. There are numerous small islands filled with wild plants and foliage. No wonder we love fishing on this section of the river. It may not be the easiest section of the Susquehanna River to catch decent numbers of smallmouth, but it certainly is one of the most scenic.

I always tease Jeff by saying that fishing Lake Aldred makes us much better anglers overall. Patience is a necessity during the summer months for an angler to come away with only a few healthy summer smallies and a lot of fond memories. :)  Patience always pays off when we fish areas that are more bountiful with smallmouth bass.

Even though we may not catch a ton of bass during the hot summer months, we know that spring and fall will bring many bass to hand. Some of our greatest moments on the water have also come from this general area.

Penny (The Queen of the Susquehanna River) and Jeff hit the water in the latter part of the week and caught a few more Lake Aldred smallies...



Here is a pic of a Lake Aldred mature bald eagle perched high upon a tree overlooking the beautiful Susquehanna River.


It's often rare that the mature eagles allow us to get this close. But when they do, we have a camera ready to snap a quick picture. Because if we aren't quick, this is usually the normal view we get of them as they fly off to a safer distance.


Knowing that today the Pequea Boat Ramp would be closed for up to 8 weeks, Julie and I took a pleasant drive to the ramp last evening. We met an angler from Litiz, Pa. getting ready for a night fishing trip for flathead catfish. As we were standing at the docks and talking, a mature bald eagle flew just beyond the RR underpass on the outside river side of the bridge.

It's not often that my wife is with me when we catch sight of a mature eagle flying so close to us... Cool Beans!

Take Care and Be Safe!