Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jeff and Penny's First Trip During Closed Bass Season (05/10/12)

Hello Folks,

It's been awhile since I posted a blog entry. We've been awfully busy around the home fixing up our backyard and adding a lot of Maryland River Stone to our garden and tall grasses. Last Saturday afternoon, we rented a Ditch Witch with a bucket and moved close to 8 tons of rock from the front driveway to our backyard. It took nearly seven hours of work over two days and I paid the price... My replaced knee was extremely sore for several days afterward.

After a good hot soaking in the bath tub and icing each night, I attempted to sleep. That wasn't easy for my body and mind to do. However, I did get a few hours of sleep each night before rising early in the morning.

But now all that work is behind us and I'm ready for some great Spring fishing... If only the weather would cooperate! We have had rain falling for the past five days. After almost drought conditions, the "April Showers" finally fell in May!

Julie, Zach, and I took a ride today to the PFBC Muddy Creek Access and then to the Fisherman's Park on the opposite side of the river. The river was high, moving, and dirty!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I hadn't been on the river for nearly two weeks. What I found was a very a very dirty river... It certainly was not conducive for running the jet and doing some leisurely bass fishing... No way, No how! :(

I suspect after what I saw that it may take up to a week before things settle down. I did see some shoreline anglers attempting to fish, but we didn't see any fish being caught.

Prior to all this rain and dirty water hitting, Jeff and Penny were able to get out on water and fish outside the "Closed Bass" area. They caught about fifteen smallies and rockbass. Most of the fish came on spinnerbaits.
Here are a few pics that Jeff and Penny sent to me to share...

The Eggs Have Hatched!

A Couple Of Red-Eyed Rock Bass


Jeff also caught several nice smallmouth bass!



Good job, Jeff and Penny, in an area that we don't frequent too often. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Now that the 8 ton of  rock is finally removed from in front of my garage door, I'll be able to get the G3 1860 DLX out and moving.

I want to say a big and bright "Happy Birthday!" to my beautiful three year old granddaughter, Macie! What a cutie-pie. We will be having a party tomorrow evening for Macie at her home with all the invited family and friends... "Pop Pop loves you, Macie!"

Take Care and Be Safe!